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Debunking Common Misconceptions About Winter Pool Maintenance

Properly caring for your pool during the winter months is crucial to ensuring that you’re able to open your pool back up without any issues once the weather is more suitable. The problem? There are many winter pool maintenance myths and misconceptions that can cause some pool owners to take action that’s not necessary. If you’re looking to make sure your pool is cared for throughout the winter, let’s debunk some of the most common misconceptions about pool maintenance.

Misconception: You Need to Drain Your Pool Every Winter

It’s logical to believe that you would need to drain your pool before winter arrives. After all, this would make pool care much easier as you wouldn’t need to worry about something happening to the water or any of the pool’s components during the winter months. That being said, draining your pool can be a pain, and it won’t stop liquid from snow and rain from building up. So, do you really need to drain your pool every winter? Absolutely not! Keeping it at an appropriate level for freezing temperatures and properly winterizing it is enough to ensure that your pool stays in stellar condition throughout the winter and well into spring or summer. Just make sure you’re taking all possible precautions or the water in your pool could very well become a problem should the level get too high or become littered with debris.

Misconception: Clear Water Is Safe Water

There are many who will look at their water before closing their pool and decide that, because it’s clean, they don’t have to worry about it and it will be clean once they decide to open it back up again later on in the year. But while your pool water may look clean now, it’s not going to stay like that. Should there be a semi-warm period throughout the winter or issues with your pool cover that allows debris in, your pool may end up growing algae. Make it a priority to check your pool water regularly and to use the right solutions should you notice anything strange happening with the water.

Misconception: You Can Reuse Products Like Winter Plugs for Many Years

There are some products like winter plugs that are essential in winterizing your pool. Most people think, why not reuse these products next year when I have to close my pool for the winter? It’s a common misconception that you should use these products time and time again. Winter plugs should be made of rubber that expands to help last through the winter season and properly close off the lines. It’s imperative to inspect these items and replace them each winter season. Hairline cracks and pinholes can form in these plugs that can be difficult to spot. They’re not expensive and it could cost you the difference of having to do some major repair work to your pool. Use a fresh set of winter plugs each season to ensure the safest winterization.

Misconception: You Can Use Heavy Objects to Weigh Your Cover Down

Covering your pool might seem easy enough. For example, you might think about just throwing a tarp over it and then using things like cement blocks to keep it in place throughout the winter. It’s not a bad idea on paper, but winter weather can be much more powerful than you’d think. Should anything happen, those large objects could do damage to your pool should the tarp shift them. Use proper pool covers and pool cover accessories to keep your pool safe both inside and out. Loop Loc covers are tested and guaranteed to protect your pool. The cover will withstand high winds and freezing temperatures with proper anchors built into your decking.

Get Your Pool Closed Properly With the Help of Mt. Lake Pool & Patio

Closing your pool might not seem like an easy feat, which is why it can always help to have the support of professionals like those at Mt. Lake Pool & Patio. Whether you need basic pool maintenance in Doylestown, PA, or weekly pool service in Bucks County to keep your pool in stellar condition, you can rely on us to get the job done. Contact us now to learn more or schedule a service!