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Tips To Keep Your Pool’s Water Crystal Clear

For anyone that lives in a cold climate, one of the most enjoyable times of the year is the late spring and early summer, when you can start to enjoy the weather. For those looking to maximize their experience this summer, investing in a pool can be a great option. When you are going to invest in a new pool, it is important to keep it clean and in good condition. One part of this is working hard to keep your pool’s water clean and clear. While this can seem like a difficult task, there are various tips you can follow to keep your pool water crystal clear all summer long.


Cleaning and Skimming

If you would like to have clean and clear water, you need to ensure you are cleaning and skimming the pool regularly. Cleaning the walls and floor of the water, vacuuming up debris, and skimming any floating items will lead to an immediate improvement of the clarity and color of the pool water. Depending on where you and your pool are located, this might be something that needs to be done several days per week.


Chemical Balance and Shock Treatment

While it is important to keep the pool swept, skimmed, and vacuumed, you also need to have the right chemical balance to keep the pool water clean. If there is not enough chlorine in the pool water, you can start to see algae growth. Meanwhile, too much chlorine can make the pool water too acidic causing corrosion. Because of this, you should check your pool’s chemical levels regularly and add chemicals when necessary. A full shock treatment a few times per season will also help ensure you maintain the right chemical balance necessary to receive clean water.


Use the Right Filters and Clean Regularly

Another tip that you should follow that can help to keep your pool water clean and clear is to use the right filters and clean them out regularly. Pool filters are designed to help trap leaves, sticks, dirt, and other pieces of debris. When they are working properly, it can help to keep these items out of the pool water, which can keep the water clean. However, after a period of time, you may find the filters need to be replaced or they are not working as well. Cleaning the filters and replacing them on schedule can help ensure they continue to work the right way. When selecting pool filters Bucks County pool owners can benefit from the support of a professional.


Keep the Pool Covered

One of the most important parts of any pool is the pool cover. A proper pool cover can offer a variety of advantages to a pool owner. This can help to regulate the temperature, ensure dirt and debris do not get into the pool, and add another level of safety. When it comes to keeping your pool water clean and clear, a quality cover is very important. When it is used properly, the pool cover will keep outside debris out of the pool, which will help to keep the water clean and clear.


Keeping your pool’s water clean and clear is very important and is a big part of overall maintenance. As you are preparing your pool for the summer months of the year, it would be a good idea to give us a call. When in need of pool maintenance Huntingdon Valley pool owners and managers can contact us to learn more about how to maintain a pool and get all the equipment and chemicals they need to maintain a pool properly. This can help you avoid more expensive repair needs and keep your pool looking great all summer.