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Tips To Design Your Dream Pool Oasis

Swimming pools are a great addition to any outdoor living space, whether they are above ground or set in the ground. If you want a change of atmosphere, or you’re currently designing your pool and its surroundings, you’ll want to keep some things in mind. There are several new innovations that you may want to have to turn this space into a pool oasis. 

Advanced Heating

You can have a longer swimming season using specialty heating systems for your pool. Check out advanced heaters that will give you a warmer swimming experience. Some even have the capability to work right from your phone so you can get the pool heated before you come home!

Alternative Pool Surface Materials

There are many different types of pool surfaces you can use for your in ground pool. The most common are plaster, gunite and aggregate. Plaster has been used in ground pools for many years and is the most cost efficient option. Gunite is a water and sand mixture sprayed into the frame of the pool but is a more expensive option. Aggregate is typically composed of plaster, pebbles and concrete. Each option has an array of color choices to create your ideal pool water color. 

Pool Equipment to Save Energy

It can be expensive to run a pool on a regular basis, especially if you keep it open for several months. Consider energy-efficient equipment like heaters, pumps, and filters that all have automatic settings. They are ideal for optimizing performance and will make it possible to save energy and money over time. 

Smart Features

You can bring smart technology features into your pool’s design. This includes integrated water features and automated water level control. Most equipment can be run right from your phone making for an even easier and more efficient operation. 

Decking Materials

Putting together your deck or doing pool renovations in Montgomeryville, PA shouldn’t be a hassle. You can have both an attractive style and functionality with innovative deck materials. You might have it made out of recycled materials. Other options include composite decking and modular deck systems that have pavers, tiles, and other things that allow you to put them together and customize them to your liking. 

Smart Landscaping Designs

Enhance the space surrounding your pool with smart landscaping features. If you have plants or a full garden space, it may be worthwhile to get an automated irrigation system and sensor-based plant care equipment. There are environmentally friendly landscaping methods that make it possible to take care of your green space without wasting resources. 

Weather-Resistant Furniture

Choose outdoor furniture in Quakertown, PA, and heavy fixtures that you know are going to be weather-resistant or at least that you won’t have to worry about keeping outdoors through every season. Even if you have storage space, you probably don’t want to lift and move heavy objects to put them away at the end of summer. You might go with modern-style Adirondack chairs or lounge chairs that you can put covers on to keep them from getting worn out. 

Mixed-Media Furniture

A newer trend in outdoor pieces is construction using various materials to combine two different styles. Wicker furniture with aluminum accents is very popular and durable for outdoor use. Many homeowners will mix cushion seating with sling dining for double the comfort and creating a coordinating space without being too “matchy-matchy”. Whatever your desire, Mt. Lake Pool & Patio has hundreds of options! 

Mt. Lake Pool & Patio in Doylestown, PA can assist you with getting the right pool supplies, patio furniture, fire pits, and more for your outdoor space. We love to help new customers create the pool and outdoor spaces of their dreams. Contact us with your questions to see if we have the right products to suit your needs.