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    image3The Retail Parts Counter at Mt. Lake is a full service parts service center.  Stocking hundreds of parts, and supplies from all of the industry’s leading companies.  With a staff with over 40 years of experience,   we are the perfect destination for the do it yourselfer.   Our experienced staff can help guide you through any problem your pool may be experiencing, or you can choose to have our technicians resolve your problem on the spot.   We can rebuild, remake, or replace most pool equipment while you wait.  In our workshop, we are able to repair your pump, filter, filter grids, Polaris Cleaners, and much more.


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    Mt. Lake has been awarded The Intelligencer’s BEST OF BUCKS award winner for 15 consecutive years.  Mt. Lake offers FREE WATER TESTING, as well as, FREE SALT WATER TESTING.  Mt. Lake stocks every chemical needed to clean, clear, or sanitize your pool.  Our self labeled chemicals are the highest quality in the industry.  Mt. Lake offers all types of pool and spa chemicals including algaecides, clarifiers, liquid solar blanket, mineral and sequestering agents, sanitizers, shocks, stain removers, and much more.  Mt. Lake is also, the area’s leading dealer of Liquid Chlorine, for high quality shock.

    Here at Mt. Lake we pride ourselves on being on the forefront of the industry.  Come in today for information on the newest technologies.  We have experts who can help you with Variable Speed Pumps, Salt Water Systems, Control Systems, Mineral Hybrids, Heaters, Heat Pumps, and more.  Stop in today, to see how Mt. Lake can improve your swimming pool ownership experience.  Allow us to do the work, so you can relax and enjoy you swimming pool.

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