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Caring For Your Pool Cover

Without a pool cover, leaves, dust, branches, and soot can make your pool dirty and make for a big clean up come Spring. During the winter, the filters can’t remove debris that falls in the pool so it’s essential to find a cover that minimizes the accumulation of leaves and other items. Whether you have an automatic, solid or mesh one, you can keep it clean and in working order with a little time and care.

At Mt. Lake Pool and Patio, we sell a variety of pool covers to meet your needs, and our professionals would be happy to provide tips and tricks on how to keep your cover in pristine condition. We also conduct pool closings in Bucks County that include repairs and maintenance for winterization.

Tips to Keep Your Automatic Pool Cover in Great Condition

Before you put your cover on, check the water line. It should be below the skimmer and tile lines. Automatic pool covers are convenient but aren’t as sturdy as safety covers. To keep them in good condition, use a telescopic pole with a brush attached to clear snow and debris away. You can also remove excess water with a cover pump.

We recommend cleaning your pool cover every season. This will prevent chemical buildup from eating through the material. You can use a soft brush, garden hose and mild detergent to clear away chemicals and accumulated gunk. To lubricate the reel and tracks, use a Teflon lubricant to ensure smooth movement.

Invest in a patch kit so that you can quickly repair tears before they spread throughout your cover. Additionally, leave the pool uncovered for a few hours after adding chlorine and other chemicals to the water. Caustic materials can cause your full cover to decay.

Best Care for Solid and Mesh Pool Covers

Mesh pool covers require soft brushes and extra care to avoid rips and tears. However, solid covers also require seasonal cleaning to keep the material in good condition. 

Mesh pool covers are more susceptible to tears, so frequently monitor them for weak areas. If you require repairs, buy a repair kit or contact one of our team members to schedule the appropriate maintenance. Mesh covers have an open construction that limits the spread of mold. This makes them easier to clean with mild detergent. However, you should make sure the cover is completely dry before storing or reinstalling it.

Keeping your mesh or solid cover in great condition contributes to a healthier pool environment. If you need assistance installing and caring for your pool cover, the staff at Mt. Lake Pool and Patio would be happy to take care of it for you.

Benefits of Proper Pool Cover Care

You can save money by keeping your pool cover in good condition. For one thing, it minimizes evaporation, so you won’t have to fill up the pool as often. Besides lowering monthly bills, there are several other benefits of proper pool cover care, including the following:

  • Expanding the useful life of pool covers: A well-maintained cover will last for years. For example, cleaning and repairing your cover prevents mold, rips and tears from spreading.
  • Provides proper pool hygiene: Dirt, debris, and algae on the cover impact the clarity and cleanliness of your treated pool water. Dirty covers cannot effectively block sunlight or keep contaminants out of the pool.
  • Enhances safety for kids and pets: Tears or rips in the cover can pose a safety hazard for people and animals. Keep your kids and pets safer with a properly maintained cover.

Contact a Pool Cover Professional

At Mt. Lake Pool and Patio, we carry quality pool supplies in Bucks County, including a wide selection of pool covers. Do you still have questions? Reach out to one of our professionals today to schedule a consultation.