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4 Pool Service Solutions You Might Need This Season

If you are a homeowner and you have a pool, you are aware maintenance is a full-time job. It requires much more than emptying and replacing pool filters and checking chemical levels. Pools that are not properly maintained can escalate to costly repairs of the filter, pump, and heater.

Pool Opening

The standard pool opening in Bucks County requires the start-up of the pool’s equipment, blowing the lines from winterization, and balancing the pool water. Once the pool is running for a day or so the first vacuum can be scheduled where the debris can be cleaned up properly. Our pool openings in Bucks County will ensure your pool is ready to go for a summer full of fun! 

Pool Repairs

Sometimes during a pool season, the pool requires additional repairs. Perhaps the tiles are outdated and need replacing or there’s an issue with the pump, filters or heater.  Whatever the problem is, your pool professionals should be able to help troubleshoot and fix the issue.  If you need fresh tiles or a pool heater repair in Montgomery County, PA, Mt. Lake Pool and Patio is here to help! 

Maintenance and Cleaning

Some of the pool cleaning and maintenance required include vacuuming the entire pool, skimming the water surface, and balancing the water chemistry.  Maintenance of the filter is also necessary to ensure it is clean and in good operation. In order to maintain your pool’s sparkly appearance, the maintenance required should be completed every week. For a lot of people, pool maintenance is so time-consuming it’s easier to hire a professional. Reach out to Mt. Lake Pool & Patio to set up weekly, bi-weekly, or vacation-only service so that your pool is in the best shape possible for you to enjoy!

Pool Closing

Pool closing is one of the most important and crucial services that can be completed on your pool. The health of the pool depends on the lines being winterized and equipment being shut down properly. Many pool owners try to complete this task on their own and are met with costly repairs in the spring when they find cracked or broken equipment. Proper closing procedures will ensure your pool is in good shape for next season! 

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