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Plan To Renovate Your Pool Before Next Summer

Did you know that owning a new swimming pool is not as intensive as you were led to believe? At Mt. Lake Pool and Patio, we make dreams of owning a new pool possible for every homeowner.

Renovate Your Old Pool 

We specialize in maintenance, repairs, troubleshooting and pool renovations in Chalfont. We are the longest standing family owned swimming pool companies in Bucks County. We service a variety of pools, regardless of size or condition.

Before you decide to do away with your pool or skip out on purchasing a home with a pool, contact us for an assessment. We will assess the damage to the pool and give you our true expert advice on how you need to proceed. If we determine, due to the condition of your pool, that renovation is the best route to go, here is a list of pool conditions we renovate or upgrade:

  • Swimming pools with stained, damaged or washed-up surfaces.
  • Swimming pools with coping damage.
  • Pools with dated, damaged, cracked or missing tiles. 
  • Pools in need of upgraded equipment such as salt systems, pool filters, pool pumps, vacuums, and heating equipment.

Update Your Pool

Becoming a new pool owner has its perks and you can enjoy them all. We will renovate your pool according to your specifications and you are involved in the process of choosing each specification from start to finish. You get to choose from plaster color, coping, tile, equipment and more depending on the level of renovation. After the renovation is complete, you will be left with a beautiful, functional pool just waiting to be used! 

We also offer pool service and can maintain your pool on a weekly, bi-weekly or as needed basis throughout the summer season. Our goal is to provide you with the most affordable way to own, purchase and maintain your pool. Almost all of our costs are “a-la-carte” so every customer can pick and choose which services to keep, and which to save on! No job is too small or too complicated for our team of experts to handle. If your pool needs repairing or renovating, please give Mt. Lake Pool and Patio a call at (215) 348-8990 today, and schedule a complimentary consultation and quote!