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How to Arrange New or Existing Patio Furniture

If you want to transform your backyard space into a sanctuary where you can unwind and spend time with your family, then we can say you are on the right site. Backyards are where fun and relaxation occur. From dining outside to grill and fire pit nights, having a cozy backyard space is a must-have for every home.

No matter the size of your backyard, you can transform it into an oasis. Having the right design and furniture is the key to a successful renovation. Luckily, you don’t need to go out and search for the perfect supplier for your backyard needs; we are here to accommodate you with store pick up, curbside pick up, pay over the phone and delivery!

To give you some more ideas, we have curated a list of how you can make the most of your outdoor spacing. 

L-Shaped Sectional

L-shaped sectionals are best used for outdoor spaces with 90-degree corners. If you have an outdoor TV, you should have a sectional face of the TV. Opt for one or two sofa console tables furnished with plants or flowers to add decor and cover the back of the sectional. If you would like the view to be your backyard, place the sectional against a wall. A coffee table or fire pit are great additions to place in front of the sectional. 

Curved Sofa or Sectional

Curved furniture is the best option for outdoor hardscaping that has a curved or circular perimeter. There are curved sofas as well as curved sectional pieces that utilize a 45-degree armless chair. This is ideal especially if you plan on using your space to its fullest potential. Chaise lounges are also a great addition to a curved patio. Pair two, four, or six chaise lounges with end tables and umbrellas between to create the perfect sunbathing space. If you have a wall with a bench built into your curved patio, there begs to be a gas fire pit with some additional seating across from the bench. 

Sofa or Loveseat Group

If you are looking for a comfortable space outside for conversation and socializing, try placing the sofa, loveseat, and chair pieces facing each other with a coffee table in between. Do you have a large sectional? Freshen up your space by removing the armless pieces and placing them to the side facing your sectional creating a “U” shape. This seating arrangement creates a sense of togetherness with your guests. Finish it off with an outdoor rug underneath and you have yourself an outdoor “indoor” set up! 

Large Dining Sets

Dining sets that seat 8 people or more can look crowded in an outdoor space. Consider removing two chairs from the long ends of the table and placing them in a corner with an end table. Now you have well-spaced dining, a cafe set, and the ability to move the chairs back when guests are over. Another option is to purchase an extension table. This is ideal if you want the option of a bigger table with more seating, but don’t need an extended table all the time. Large outdoor spaces do well with oval or rectangular dining arrangements.You might want to check our outdoor patio furniture in Stockton, NJ.

Small Spaces, Small Seating

If you’re working with a small porch or outdoor area and really want to enjoy a dining experience outside, cafe sets and small 4-seater dining sets are ideal. If you have a balcony, look at balcony-height or bar-height seating. Adding height can create a wonderful dimension to your backyard space and allow you to see the landscape over the balcony. For those who wish to relax, a comfortable chair or two with an end table is perfect for enjoying a beverage, bird watching, or reading. Scale up to a recliner, chair with an ottoman, or a pouf for added comfort. Backyards are a place for fun, socialization, relaxation, and celebration. Our selection of outdoor furniture in King of Prussia, PA will accommodate all types of outdoor spaces. 

Are You Ready To Transform Your Backyard?

Coming up with the perfect use of your outdoor space doesn’t have to be complicated. Visit your local patio furniture professionals at Mt. Lake for advice and guidance on what suits your needs best! Call us today, at 215-348-8990 and we’ll fulfill your dream of a cozy but practical backyard.