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How to Keep Your Patio Comfortable Through the Season

Keeping your outdoor furniture, deck, and porch cozy through the prime outdoor season is key to enjoying your outdoor space. Here are some ways to keep your outdoor living spaces comfortable and inviting through the summer:

Select Lightweight or Heavyweight Outdoor Furniture Materials

If you live in an area that doesn’t get high winds often, consider purchasing outdoor furniture with lighter-weight materials such as extruded aluminum. This style of furniture is typically made with a sling fabric which is perfect for pool owners going from a dip in the pool to the furniture lounge. Extruded aluminum is also ideal if you’re looking for furniture that’s easy to pick up and move around. 

On the contrary, cast aluminum furniture is a heavy, sturdy, and solid material. Often cast aluminum furniture is cushioned furniture. This is ideal if you’re looking for comfort or live in a high-wind area. Marine-grade poly-wood is also a heavy, durable material often used at shore homes. Each of these materials is meant to be outside, completely exposed to the elements. We recommend covering or storing furniture during the winter months. 

Prepare for the Heat

Mid to end of summer is no doubt the hottest time of year for spending time outdoors. If you live in a backyard that gets full sunlight, it’s important to add an umbrella for coverage. Outdoor umbrellas are UVA/UVB protective, fade, and water-resistant. 

Having this feature on your back patio will provide considerable relief from the sweltering sun during summertime. You can also add outdoor fans. These come in handy, especially when dining outside, to add a breeze for your family and guests. Outdoor fans are also a great way to keep bugs away! Speaking of bugs, don’t forget to stock up on citronella candles for enjoying time outside in the evenings. 

Create a Warm & Inviting Space 

A great tip for keeping your outdoor space comfortable is to add accessories. The simple addition of an outdoor rug, umbrellas, throw pillows, plants or lighting can turn your back patio from a bland space to a space filled with charm. If you plan on enjoying your patio during the fall and colder months, consider adding a gas-burning fire pit. This is a great way to stretch the use of your outdoor space and provide warmth for relaxing under the stars. 

Are you looking for ways of keeping your patio comfortable through the seasonal weather changes? Look no more! We offer some simple information for those interested in enjoying their patios throughout the year rather than just during the summer months. You can shop at Mt. Lake Pool & Patio to meet all your patio needs and goals. We can help you create the ultimate space to bring the family together with our outdoor furniture in Bucks County, PA.