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Staying Safe in the Water: The Importance of Regular Pool Maintenance and Rules

Owning a pool is one of the fun parts of summertime. Being able to escape the heat by taking a dip in the pool and having friends and family over to enjoy swimming is why most people want a pool! However, one aspect of pool ownership that can be difficult is maintenance. Most people work or travel and don’t have time to keep up with the maintenance involved to keep the pool running properly. The perfect solution is to develop a maintenance schedule that you can keep up with over the summer. Test the water weekly, clean, and add chemicals if necessary. While cleaning is usually recommended once a week, several different factors play a part in how often you should clean your pool. Depending on the weather, frequency of use, and type of occasion you use your pool for, you may have different pool cleaning needs. It is possible to manage on your own, but being solely responsible for it can be a burden.

Fortunately, professional pool cleaning services alleviate this burden from the pool owner. Professional pool cleaning services place a team of experts in charge of your pool and ensure that it is always running in tip-top shape. Instead of worrying about whether you are cleaning the pool enough, you can rest assured that it is taken care of and that your pool parties will be free from complications. Mt. Lake Pool and Patio is a weekly pool service in Montgomery County, PA that is more than capable of taking this task on. The team at Mt. Lake Pool and Patio have the experience, supplies, and commitment to excellence to keep your pool perfectly maintained. Rather than worry about your frequency of pool cleaning or finding all of the right equipment to clean your pool, let the professionals take care of it so that you can spend your time enjoying the water.

Being a pool owner also comes with another level of responsibility. You are now liable for whatever happens in your pool. It’s important to make sure that when having guests over, you know if someone does not know how to swim. If children are around, do they know how to swim and will there be someone responsible for watching over them? Glass, food, and other objects not meant to be by a pool can cause damage so we recommend using melamine or plastic ware by the pool and keeping the food at the patio table. When you travel for work or pleasure, do you let neighbors or family members use the pool? If so, consider making rules so that a responsible adult is present if kids want to swim and the pool is left in the same condition it was in when they arrived. 

Although owning a pool requires maintenance and regulation, it doesn’t outweigh the joy of having a place to relax and float during the hot summer months.