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The Top 3 Patio Furniture Styles in 2021

There is always something new in style every year. Today we are looking at the top three patio furniture styles in 2021. These include cast aluminum dining, wicker deep seating, and Realis-Teak or wood-like finish. Each type is durable and designed to withstand different weather conditions. Create your outdoor space with these popular, comfortable styles.

Aluminum Dining

This style is the number one bestseller every season. Aluminum dining is made from a cast aluminum frame, which is durable and resistant to rust. The material also keeps the furniture grounded, ensuring that it won’t be easily tipped over or swept away in heavy winds. This style set comes in different sizes to accommodate any space, allowing plenty of room for creativity. Seat pads also come in a variety of colors to suit your specific tastes. Certain aluminum cast sets can be custom ordered by preference.

Wicker Deep Seating

Wicker deep seating comes in an array of different configurations, including crescent sofas, straight 3-seat sofas, love seats, L-shaped, and U-shaped styles. Such variety allows for the perfect setup of your choosing. This furniture type provides a higher-end look, with detailed weave and multi-colored frames. Wicker styles are perfect for those who prefer to lounge and keep it relaxed as opposed to a more formal setting. It also allows for more guest seating and is a common option for sitting around outdoor fire pits. There are several different selections of wicker seating in stock and can be custom ordered to fit your specific preferences as well.

Realis-Teak/Wood-Like Finish

This style has recently been making a comeback and has become very popular among modern style homes. They are specially designed to be kept completely outdoors without the need for constant maintenance. The wood finish will fade evenly over time rather than in patches. This style is created with aluminum frames, completed with a wood-brushed finish. This gives the furniture a modern look while keeping that durability. Realis-Teak styles are designed to look like teak, yet it is actually made from a composite that is easily maintained in outdoor conditions. It does not require any extra staining or treatments. Realis-Teak and wood-like finish styles are available in both deep seating sofa groups and dining sets.

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