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What Supplies Do You Need for Your Pool?


We can often feel overwhelmed when you are looking to get all the supplies together to care for your pool throughout the year. If you are looking to use your swimming pool throughout the year, you will want to invest in high-quality pool heaters in Bucks County, where we look to help you enjoy your leisure time. Getting together your supplies will make it easier for you to care for your pool each year without any downtime for your family and friends.

1. Pool Opening Kit

When you are about to open your pool in the spring, you will need to have a few chemicals on hand to clean up any algae in your water. Green or murky water is a common problem faced by homeowners every Spring when they decide to open their pool. At the very least, you should look to find a swimming pool starter kit that includes algaecide, clarifier, shock, and stain remover.

2. Brush and Skimmer

This may seem like a no-brainer, but there is no point in investing in pool parts if you don’t have the basic tools for pool maintenance. Throughout the year, you will need to remove debris from the surface of the water of your pool and stains from the pool liner. Debris tends to fall into pools at all times and can be removed using a pool vacuum, but a skimmer will help you quickly remove leaves and other items that float on the surface of the water.

3. A Testing Kit

When you talk to your friends and family who have owned pools in the past, you may hear stories about the chemistry issues they faced. The easiest way to keep your water clean and clear is to make sure you invest in a high-quality testing kit. This will give you an idea of the pH levels of your water, its alkalinity, and the sanitizer levels. By making sure you understand the level of chemicals in the water, you will be able to easily treat the water to keep it safe for your swimmers to enjoy.

4. Don’t Forget the Filters

No matter which kind of pool you are trying to keep clean, you can be sure you will need to clean the filters throughout the year. This can be an easy job when paper filters are used for your pump. However, larger swimming pools require the use of a specific media to use to keep your water free of all debris. New sand for some filters and cleaning chemicals can improve the performance of your pool throughout the year.