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How to Keep Your Pool Free of Debris


Being a pool owner can feel like a full-time job. There is endless maintenance involved like checking the pH levels of the water, using chlorine, cleaning out the filter, keeping the lining intact if it’s above ground, and removing debris from the water. Removing debris, in particular, is very important because if you don’t it can lead to a host of problems like a clogged filter or letting pool algae grow.

Skim Daily

This is probably the most obvious bit of advice but it often goes ignored. After all, it’s only a few leaves, skipping a day or two won’t hurt, right? Unfortunately, this way of thinking can turn into a habit, and suddenly you’ve gone an entire week without skimming. While it’s true that a leaf or two won’t spell disaster for your filter, daily skimming will give you the chance to not only clear the surface but also do a quick check for any minor problems.

Proper Coverage

If you’re anticipating heavy rain or high winds, keeping your pool covered will prevent anything from getting blown in like leaves and branches. Covering it while you’re doing yard work, landscaping, or just mowing the lawn will prevent grass or dirt from being accidentally tossed into the water. When autumn arrives, it’s essential to keep it covered since falling leaves will gather in higher numbers than they would in summer. Even if the temperature is still high enough for you to safely keep the pool open, other elements of your backyard may make it more difficult to do so in autumn. 

Weekly Vacuuming

Skimming will remove anything unnecessary from the surface but it won’t help remove anything that’s sunk to the bottom. By vacuuming weekly you can ensure that nothing gathers at the bottom which damages the lining of an above-ground pool, poses a safety hazard, or ruins the quality of the water.  

Contact a Professional

If your filter isn’t performing well, your skimmer is damaged, or your pool vacuum is weak then contacting a professional pool service in Collegeville, PA is in your best interest. A pool is more than recreational, it’s an investment in your property that raises its value. Keeping it in the best possible shape not only makes it more enjoyable to use but it helps if you ever decide to sell it. As the best pool cleaners in the area, Mt. Lake Pool, and Patio are available year-round to help you with cleaning, closing, and opening.  If you’re struggling to maintain your pool give us a call or email us today.