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Since their invention by Samuel Fox in 1852, umbrellas have undoubtedly established their
importance, particularly their usefulness in shielding people from the harsh weather elements. Their contribution to the aesthetic beauty of outside living spaces is also undeniable. Due to the magnitude of these benefits and the stressed importance of each individual possessing one, the umbrella industry annually witnesses significant and innovative improvements on umbrella designs and technology, thus presenting a wide variety that leaves customers spoilt for choice. Regrettably, this occasions confusion on the part of the customers, particularly pool and patio owners, as to what umbrella design and technology suits their unique needs. Fortunately, this segment comes to your assistance, as we will be doing a comparative analysis between 9’ v 11’ umbrella for pool and patio owners, then suggest the best umbrella that addresses their needs with regard to space coverage, tilt capability, attachments furniture, weight and most importantly, protection from ultraviolet rays.

Space coverage

We obviously get umbrellas for their protective shades, which are undoubtedly determined by the space they cover. Judging from its bigger size, the 11′ feet umbrella covers a larger space than its 9′ foot counterpart. The 11′ umbrella is therefore suitable for accommodating more people and spaces as it casts a bigger shade than the 9′ umbrella.

Tilt capability

Both the 9′ v 11′ umbrellas possess tilting capabilities that allow for their adjustment to the angles at which the sun hits the ground. This assures the existence of a consistent shade that protects individuals at all times, at any hour of the day.


The freestanding design is available for both 9′ v 11′ umbrellas. Acquiring a freestanding umbrella design is recommendable because it is easy to install and use.


Due to its larger size, tilt capability, and freestanding design, the 11′ umbrella is best for sets that seat 6 or more, while the 9′ umbrella is perfect for 2-4 seater sets of furniture.

Protection from UV rays

Scientific studies denote the importance of the use of umbrellas as they reduce the risks of skin cancer, eye damage, and premature aging. Even though both the 9’ v 11’ umbrellas offer equal protection from the sun’s harmful rays, the protection afforded depends on the quality of the fabric. However, it is admissible that the 11 umbrella offers more protection since it covers a wider area.


Despite their usefulness, no one desires to keep scrubbing the dirt of their umbrellas frequently. Choosing umbrellas made of stain and weather-resistant fabrics is definitely a wise decision. Fortunately, both the 9’ v 11’ are available in such fabrics.

With the preceding factors in mind, acquiring umbrellas for pool and patio owners is easier and has been admittedly fun. Mt. Lake Pool has the patio furniture in Warminster, PA to complete the look of your outdoor area.