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Proper Care of Outdoor Furniture before Winter Begins

We recommend caring for valuable patio or poolside furniture in the proper way so that they will last longer. This is particularly important in our region where inclement weather conditions begin during the autumn. Don’t wait until the coldest weather arrives to prepare your outdoor furniture by cleaning it correctly and covering or storing it safely. Here are some care tips that will help you prepare your furniture for the winter.

Tip 1: Understand the Patio Furniture’s Materials

It is essential to understand the patio furniture’s materials so you can care for it without damaging it. For wicker furniture, use a small brush to whisk away any debris from the materials. If there is sticky tree sap or food debris on the furniture, then mix gentle dish detergent and water together in a bottle to spray on the substances. As the debris softens, rub at it gently to remove it, or alternatively, rinse it away with the water from a garden hose. Working on the furniture on a sunny day is recommended so that the wicker materials will dry quickly. After the furniture is dry, cover it with fitted plastic covers or large tarps. It is better to place the cushions in sealed containers or bags in a dry basement, garage or outbuilding.

Tip 2: Removing Stains from Fabric Outdoor Furniture

We recommend cleaning fabric outdoor furniture in Bucks County before wintertime storage. The fabrics on chairs or sofas can have stains from tree leaves or spilled beverages, so use cleansers that are formulated for shampooing upholstered furniture. It is also possible to mix liquid fabric detergent with water to spray on the fabric before rubbing at the materials with a cloth or soft-bristled brush. To prevent mold or mildew from forming, make sure that the fabric furniture dries completely before it is covered with plastic or stored in a dry area of your home.

Tip 3: Cleaning Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Wood, poolside or patio furniture also requires cleaning to remove bird droppings or other debris. We recommend using the water from a garden hose or spray bottle to clean the wooden furniture. Make sure to turn the furniture over to clean the areas underneath. Look for any loose screws or fasteners to tighten these items to prevent additional damage to the furniture. If the weather in our area is still warm and dry, then an application of paint or sealants is a good idea. However, permit the sealants and paints to dry before covering the furniture with waterproof materials or storing the items inside a building.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your furniture will be cleaned, dry and in good shape by the time winter comes.