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pool supplies Doylestown paWith pool season officially in full swing, it’s time to maximize your pool experience with some of the best accessories available. We’ve compiled a list of some of the must-have pool accessories of the summer to help you get the most out of your pool this summer.

1. Floating Speaker

It’s not a party without music. The same goes for your pool party. Get the party going with one of the many floating, waterproof speakers now available. Connect your smartphone, computer or tablet and put your favorite summer tracks on while you enjoy your personal sliver of paradise.

2. Fountain / Waterfall

Sometimes it’s so hot outside that even floating in your pool can’t cool you down enough. That’s where a fountain or “waterfall” add on to your pool can help keep you nice and cool, even on the hottest days of the year – not to mention it makes jumping into the pool that much more fun!

3. Pool Umbrella

There are a handful of adjustable poolside umbrellas out there that can really help you enjoy your day by the pool even more. Hanging in the pool can help cool you off but it doesn’t protect you from the sun! You probably know firsthand as a pool owner that a long day in the pool often results in some wicked sunburn. Well, with one of these pool accessories, you’ll be able to cool off AND get some shade at the same time.

4. Fun Floats

It’s not a pool party without some fun floats. Some of the most popular floats include flamingos, swans, unicorns, cactuses, and mermaids. Pick an assortment to have in the pool for people to lay on or for great photo opportunities!

5. Inflatable Drink Holders

Having a pool party? Instead of having the edge of your pool lined with cups and glasses, try using inflatable drink holders! Not only do they make awesome pool accessories, but as you’re basking in the sun on a float, your drink can stay right by your side!

That’s not all you need to focus on when having a pool. The patio surrounding your pool can also be a fun area for your family and all invited. With our amazing outdoor patio furniture in Doylestown, you can be sure to compliment your beautiful pool with beautiful furniture. Contact us today to get all your patio furniture needs meant.