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pool supplies montgomery county paPools are a lot of fun for people with a variety of different ages. For adults, it provides a great way to cool down after a long day of work. For kids, it’s something more.  Nobody enjoys a pool on a summer day like our children – they can spend hours in the pool with their friends. So, it’s only right that we help them get the most out of their backyard swimming pool fun.

This is a short list of the best pool features for kids that we carry in stock year-round at Mt. Lake Pool & Patio:

1. Floats

Nothing screams summer more than having awesome life-sized floats for the kids to play on in the pool. Trending items include giant swans, flamingos, peacocks, and unicorns! Large floats are great because often more than one child can fit on them at a time, hopefully eliminating the possibility of fighting over floats! Not only that, but they look great in the pool when they’re not being used.

2. Diving Sticks

A classic game of diving sticks is sure to keep kids entertained for a few hours. Diving sticks come in all shapes and sizes and you can even find them in action figure or princess form! If your kids are equipped with excellent swimming and diving skills, allow them to practice by diving underwater to find the sinking toys!

3. Underwater Cameras

In the age of social media, what better way to have fun than with an underwater camera?! Easy to use and affordable, underwater cameras are a great way for kids to capture the memories of summer without doing damage to the real phones and cameras!

Mt. Lake Pool & Patio offer a wide variety of pool features and add-ons as well as fire pits, outdoor patio furniture in NJ and more!

Visit us today and find the perfect addition to your pool with the help of our experts.