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firepitLooking for a companion for your pool and patio that not only looks great but also serves a purpose? Nothing compliments a swimming pool like a fire pit.  If your pool or patio gets a lot of nighttime guests, a fire pit creates a unique atmosphere for swimmers and non-swimmers alike. Here are a few reasons why we think your backyard could greatly benefit from a beautiful fire pit.


Stay Warm Between Swims

Night swimming is one of the beautiful luxuries of having a pool in your backyard. There’s nothing like swimming under the moonlight on a summer night. Depending on what part of the U.S. you are located, it can be a bit chilly getting out of the pool with no heat from the sun to dry you off.

With a fire pit, you’ll always have a source of warmth to sit by while you take a break from the pool. Gather around the open fire with a few friends or your significant other and enjoy the sights and sounds of summer nights without having to run inside and change every time you get out of the pool.

Year-Round Use

Does your patio area get no use during the cooler months? A fire pit can change that. Fire pits aren’t just great in the summer, they’re also extremely useful throughout the other three seasons as well.  Are you raking leaves on a cold fall day? Get your fire pit going and take a break by the fire to warm up. Doing some yard work in the early days of spring? Reward yourself with relaxing by the fire pit afterward to enjoy a favorite drink or meal.


If you grew up with a friend who had a fire pit or was fortunate to have one in your backyard yourself, you know how timeless sitting around a fire and just hanging out can be. If you don’t well, it’s not too late.

Add a fire pit to your backyard and invite a few friends over to hang out around your cool new addition to your patio. People love fire pits, and you’ll be surprised how much more talkative people get around a fire. Break out some marshmallows and graham crackers and watch how quickly everybody turns into a kid again trying to make the perfect s’more.

If you’re interested in adding one of the beautiful fire pit options we have in stock, come visit our store or contact us today to learn more about the types of fire pits we carry and what other services we offer.