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This year, instead of packing up the kids and traveling great lengths for your annual family vacation, why not invest that money into a backyard that will provide you with equal enjoyment for years to come? That’s right, with the right pool and patio enhancements you can take your backyard space from dull and boring to fun and lively with just a few simple additions! Whether you are looking to cozy up to a good book and enjoy some “me” time next to the firepit or throw the ultimate summertime BBQ bash, here are six simple additions that will help get you started on creating the backyard of your dreams.


Evaluate Your Space

Although this isn’t an addition per se, it’s a critical first step that needs to be taken before you start any backyard transformation. It’s also important to ask yourself what the intended purpose of the backyard space is going to be, as this will help exponentially when it comes to planning, purchasing, and renovating later down the line.

When you have a concrete blueprint of how you’d like to transform your space, it’s time to start putting the plan in action!




Begin with Big Projects First

Although not very simple, bigger projects like pool renovations or the addition of a pool, deck, or patio should be first on the agenda for your backyard transformation. Having just one of these items in your outdoor living space is guaranteed to make it more inviting, spacious, and enjoyable for both family and guests alike.

Our Mt. Lake Pool & Patio experts have a few suggestions when it comes to renovating your pool and upgrading your pool system. Right now, a lot of homeowners are choosing tumbled bluestone coping materials for around their in-ground pools and for their patio.

Tumbled bluestone coping offers subtle edging and no hard corners which is perfect for any pool shape or size. And if you are considering building a new patio or updating an old one, tumbled bluestone looks exceptionally well against natural stone.




Upgrade Your Pool to a Saltwater System

Tired of the irritation and redness your eyes feel after going for a dip in the pool? That’s because traditionally, most pools are filled with chlorine which can be irritating to eyes and skin. More and more people are begging to make the switch to saltwater pool systems, as it is certainly a new addition to your pool and backyard space.

There are advantages a saltwater pool has over a chlorinated pool like the fact that it provides you with that “soft water” feel. As you enter into a chlorinated pool, you can almost feel the abrasiveness from the water while saltwater pools provide a more natural feel. You’ll also be pleased to know that saltwater pools require much less maintenance since the salt cells produce chlorine on an as-needed basis.

Also, you don’t have to worry about your saltwater pool being as salty as the ocean. You’ll be able to swim comfortably all summer long.


Create a Sofa Seating/Entertaining Area

We’re not telling you to get rid of the dining table set up you currently have on your patio. But, why not spruce things up this summer by turning that space into a sofa seating and entertaining area? Not only does it allow for great conversations to take place, but it also provides a more relaxing atmosphere than being huddled around a table.

At Mt. Lake, we have a great selection of patio furniture for you to choose from. With a wide array of materials, brands, and models, you can truly transform your patio space into a prime location to entertain friends, family, and guests. Plus, you can always count on our team to help you stay within your price range.


Purchase Colorful Outdoor Throw Pillows

It never hurts to have throw pillows lying around; especially when you own patio furniture at your home in Warrington, PA. This summer, you can easily transform your patio space by simply brightening it up. Colorful outdoor throw pillows are a great way to spice up and make your patio more lively. Some of your typical colors you’ll see on patio furniture are black, white, or green. Why not go for some extra pop and transform your patio space with something as easy as a colorful pillow?

If you are ready to fully commit to a color transformation of your patio, you can go a step further and add colorful or striped umbrellas to complete the look.





Put in a Gas Fire Pit

Having a gas fire pit in your backyard is certainly an upgrade, but the best way to get the most out of your investment is by getting a gas fire pit that can be used as a table too. Think about it. After a long day in the heat lounging with friends, you are ready to enjoy the nice cool summer night. With a table style gas fire pit, you’ll be able to stay comfortable through the night, as well as be able to continue entering and being with friends and family all night long.

Now that you’ve read up on the additions you can make to transform your pool and patio space this summer, always remember that our team at Mt. Lake Pool & Patio is just one phone call away. We have been the most trust swimming pool company in the Bucks County area for over 50 years.


Whether you are looking for pool supplies for your Newtown, PA, pool or are ready to enhance your backyard with pool and patio upgrades, contact us by calling 215-309-8664 or stopping into our store!