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We are officially approaching the fall season, so you know what that means, quiet nights relaxing at home, and lighting up our fire pits! Wait, did you just say you don’t own a fire pit? Well, it’s your lucky day because Mt. Lake Pool & Patio is hosting a fire pit sale the weekend of September 16th, 2017, in addition to an end of summer blowout sale on patio furniture right outside of Newtown, PA.

If you are unsure which type of fire pit your family desires, don’t worry, one of our staff members will work with you ensuring your purchase matches your needs. To get started, we’ve even outlined all the benefits of gas fire pits to help you make the best decision!

High Quality, Low-Maintenance
A high-quality gas fire pit is made of cast aluminum – just like high-quality patio furniture. This means the fire pit will never rust and can withstand the outdoor elements. Cast aluminum products are also low maintenance and easy to clean.

A fire pit from Mt. Lake may have anywhere from 50,000-80,000 BTUs which will allow for a sizable flame and enough heat to keep you warm! What’s more, with a wood-burning fire pit you have to keep feeding it wood to keep the fire going, whereas with a gas fire pit you can flip a switch and control the flame yourself. This takes the hassle out of babysitting your fire pit all night long!

Stop and Go Usage
Gas fire pits allow for easy stop and go usage. With a wood burning fire pit, you’re left with embers flying around that could damage your outdoor furniture while you’re waiting for the flame to die out at the end of the night. Gas fire pits can be turned on and off at any time and do not release smoke or embers, therefore, making it safe around your outdoor furniture. It’s also safe if there are children around because most gas fire pits are embedded in a table allowing for a safe distance between the fire and people around it.

They’re functional! Most fire pits from Mt. Lake come with a flat cast aluminum cover allowing it to double as a table. On those hot summer nights, you may not be inclined to light the fire so now you can use your fire pit as a table to serve food, place your drinks, or play games!

To learn more about gas fire pits, stop into Mt. Lake Pool & Patio, the leading swimming pool company of Bucks County, PA, for over 50 years, today!