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Plan The Perfect Fall Backyard Bonfire

There’s not much that’s better than setting up a bonfire in your backyard during the Fall months, especially if you live in the Northeast. You’ll want to make sure that you have an ideal atmosphere with comfortable patio furniture and some other things for an optimal outdoor space. Spruce up your yard for your friends and family to enjoy with these tips from Mt. Lake Pool & Patio! 

Essentials for Your Backyard Bonfire Setup

If you’re inviting people over or just plan to have a bonfire with your family, the most basic things you’ll need are the pit, kindling, and matches/lighter. Beyond these supplies, there are a few other items that will make it a perfect setting to spend time with your loved ones.

Food and Beverages

At the top of the list here would be S’mores. Make more of a night by serving your favorite cold-weather meal. Spiked cider or mulled wine is also a delicious seasonal option for this time of year and can be served in a beautiful melamine punch bowl and ladle from your favorite outdoor furniture and entertaining shop. Brew up some coffee, tea, and/or hot chocolate that will be a great complement to the warmth of the bonfire on a chilly night, as well!


Spending an evening under the stars is wonderful but probably not enough light to host an event like this! Opt for stringed lights under your patio umbrella or woven around your deck railing. You can even set up battery-operated candles inside of lanterns throughout the area for a delicate ambiance alerting guests of any steps or patio/deck edges. 


Install some speakers on your patio/yard so you can play calming, fun, or festive music throughout the evening. There is an attachment you can get for your umbrella pole or cantilever that not only provides lighting but a Bluetooth speaker for music. You can engage your family or guests by asking them to share a playlist or request songs for you to play.


While the bonfire may help a bit to combat the chill in the air enough for most people, you and some of your guests may need a little more to keep warm. Bring out a few small blankets and let them know early on so no one has to leave early for this reason.


There are so many different types of outdoor patio furniture in Stockton, NJ, so it can be overwhelming to figure out which would be the best option for your particular space. You can go to home and garden stores and try out the options that are available to see what’s ideal in terms of comfort, style, and budget. Consider some of our favorites: 

  • Loveseats and loveseat sets: Stay warm and get snuggly with a cozy loveseat. They offer seating for at least two people, making them perfect for couples. You can choose to buy a loveseat with a small table for greater convenience.
  • Sofa sets: A sofa offers the same level of comfort while being wider than a loveseat. Your entire family may be able to sit with ease on the sofa near your bonfire, or on your patio to sit when you take a break from the warmth. Some sets come along with a table and extra chairs if you wish to round out your patio furniture in New Hope, PA.
  • Dining sets: A full-length table and comfy yet durable chairs would make a welcome addition to any backyard where you plan to do some entertaining. Have dinner here with the bonfire nearby, or have your meal first and then stay outdoors for a bit longer with a stunning bonfire.

Select the supplies, items, and furniture that suit you and your loved ones. You deserve to have luxury with a place to sit and enjoy a nice Fall bonfire. Reach out to Mt. Lake Pool & Patio for more information and to order your furniture and other backyard essentials.