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Choosing The Right Cover For Your Pool’s Protection

Cold temperatures and snowfall often create issues for pool owners, especially when it comes time to reopen the pool in the spring and summer. Using a pool cover during the winter is the best way to keep the pool clean by removing leaves, dirt, and debris. If you are not already using a pool cover, contact Mt. Lake Pool & Patio, a swimming pool supplies company in Lambertville, NJ, to learn more about your pool cover options.

We have compiled a list of options and tips for selecting the best pool cover to protect your pool during the winter based on your pool’s size and budget.

Making Your Selection

It may seem like selecting a pool cover is a simple process. However, finding a pool cover that is the right size, shape, and durability to protect your pool in the winter is vital. Take the time and necessary steps to select the perfect pool cover to help keep snow, debris and animals out of the pool.

Below are the following steps to help you select the perfect pool cover to protect your pool in the winter:

  • Determine the size: For a pool cover to properly fit, you must select the correct size for your pool. It’s important to have a pool professional come out and take the proper measurements. The cover should extend over the pool’s edge.
  • Consider the shape of the pool: The pool shape also impacts your decisions when shopping for a pool cover. Various pool shapes can determine how easy your pool cover shopping is. If your pool is a standard shape it may be easy to order a cover. If your pool is a unique shape your cover may need to be custom made to fit. 
  • Understand material options: Several options are available when selecting a pool cover material, including mesh and solid. Mesh safety covers are lightweight, easy to clean, easy to handle, and easy to store. Heavy-duty mesh safety covers are more durable and best for keeping debris and animals from getting into the pool.

Types of Pool Covers

There are many types of pool covers, and the one you choose must fit your pool and meet your needs to keep it clean and protected during the winter. The most common types of pool covers we see include the following:

  • Water bag covers: These covers are lightweight and look like a tarp. They’re secured around the pool’s edges by water bags. These will not keep an animal or large amount of rainfall from entering your pool. 
  • Mesh safety covers: These pool covers are durable and can be custom-made in any shape or size. They allow water to pass through the cover barrier. 
  • Solid safety covers: These covers are heavy-duty and solid, perfect for pools to help keep debris and animals out of the pool. They also provide UV protection.

A high-quality pool cover can help keep your pool safe during the winter and ready for opening the following spring and summer. The experts at Mt. Lake Pool & Patio can help you select the perfect cover for your pool. Contact us for all your pool service needs in New Hope, PA