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Pool Patio Decor To Keep You Cool

The heat of summer means it’s pool season, but it also means you need a place to keep cool while you’re enjoying it. When you have a pool, you want to stay cool and comfortable around it no matter how hot it is. Your patio decor makes the space, so it should be right for you both aesthetically and practically. There are a lot of different patio furniture and accessories that you can use to make sure your patio looks great and gives you the space you need to relax. Choosing your patio arrangement doesn’t have to be difficult. By thinking of how you use your patio and how many people are likely to use it, you can create a design that will make everyone want to use it more often.

Furniture for a Cool Patio

Everything you get needs to be made for outdoor use so that it will withstand sun, rain and cold winters in Pennsylvania. There are several different types of sets of outdoor furniture in King of Prussia, PA, that can work well for your needs.

Choosing aluminum furniture will be important in keeping things cool during the hot summer months. Dining sets can be made of a fully poured aluminum cast or extruded (hollow) aluminum for something more lightweight. Aluminum is a great conductor of heat which means it does a good job of keeping cool even when the sun has been beating down for hours. 

Sling furniture is a great way to ensure a breeze is felt while sitting outside. Slings are made of vinyl-coated polyester and are weaved in a way that can allow airflow. Cast chairs with open backs are also a great way to promote air circulation as you’re sitting outside. Consider these options when shopping for your outdoor furniture, especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of sun exposure. 

Accessories to Keep You Cool

Did you know that outdoor fans exist? Placing an outdoor fan made of a polyresin material is a great way to keep your space cool during the summer months. Outdoor fans are also a great way to help keep bugs away if you’re dining outside or enjoying an evening under the stars. 

Consider using an outdoor rug under your dining or seating area. Rugs not only add color and dimension to your outdoor space, but they will protect your feet (and your pet’s paws!) from hot concrete, deck, or stone. This is a great way to eliminate something that would otherwise keep you from enjoying your patio space, especially if you enjoy being barefoot outside!

Patio Umbrellas

To stay cool, it’s helpful to have at least one umbrella on your patio. If you have a lot of seating, you may want more than one so that everyone can get some shade. Round 9’ umbrellas are great for between chaise lounges or chairs, small cafe sets, or four-seater dining sets. 11’ umbrellas are better for dining that seats six people or more. Cantilever umbrellas are ideal for sofa or sectional seating or to cover a very large area on your patio. When you get patio umbrellas in Bucks County, it’s important to get the right bases for them. Having a sturdy base that keeps the umbrella well-supported is a must for safety and to enjoy the shade for as long as you like.

Stay Cool All Summer

When you want a patio that looks as great as it functions, contact us at Mt. Lake Pool and Patio to see what we have for your patio. With so many styles available, you can find just what you want for the patio of your dreams.