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How Often Should I Shock My Pool?

Pool care can feel like a second job but it’s important to maintain it properly. If you don’t keep your pool clean you can wind up with clogged skimmers, unsanitary water, and sometimes costly repairs. Let’s take a look at when you should shock your pool and other pool care facts you need to know.

How Often Should You Use Shock in Your Pool

The general guideline to abide by is shocking your pool once per week. You don’t want to shock it too often, or too little, but it’s important to keep the water as sanitary as possible for swimming. 

If the pool is getting a lot of use, say daily swimming or a big pool party, you’ll want to shock the pool. You may also need to shock the pool after heavy rain. The rain can contain contaminants and can decrease chlorine levels in the pool. Lastly, be sure to shock the pool when you open it in the summer or close it at the end of the season.

When to Shock the Pool

When to shock the pool is also an important element. The heat from the sun can decrease the effectiveness of chlorine and encourage algae growth. During the heat of summer, the best time to shock the pool is in the evening so the chemical has time to work overnight without burning off. You should also avoid swimming in the pool for 12-24 hours after shock. When you add the solution in the evening, it will be ready to swim in by the next morning.

Signs of Not Enough Shock

If you see algae in your pool or it has a green color, you likely need to shock your pool. If you smell chlorine, this actually may mean that you need more shock. A chlorine smell in the water is often a sign that the water is full of chlorinates and needs disinfecting. Adding pool shock will solve the problem.

Unsure of what to do? Bring a water sample to your Bucks County Pool company! We can test the water and point out any chemicals that you need to remedy the problem.

Do I Need Other Pool Care Supplies?

In addition to shock, there are a few other pool care supplies that can be helpful. Depending on the state of your pool water there are commonly used chemicals like algaecide, bromine, stain and scale, salt, and more to help keep your pool water at optimal pH. 

Pool Care with Mt. Lake Pool

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