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Tips For Crystal Clear Pool Water All Summer Long

Having a pool is a great source of exercise and summer enjoyment. Like many things, however, it also comes with responsibilities that must be carried out so that your pool is in tip-top condition for all to enjoy. Here are some of our tips to keep your pool water clear and clean all summer long! 

PH Testing

Utilizing a portable device, check the pH of your pool daily. If your pool provides a lot of sudden use during a party, you may want to take the pH afterward, too. An incorrect PH will allow algae and other organisms to infiltrate your pool, leading to discoloration and possible stains along the tile line. Make sure you habitually maintain the supplies required to maintain your pH. If you want a professional to check this level, we offer weekly pool service in Montgomery County, PA, and surrounding areas! 

Check The Water Level

It makes a difference how much water is in your pool. If you are less than fastidious about checking your PH level, this problem can be quickly magnified and damage your pool. A low or high level can affect the performance of your cleaning pumps, including causing the system to be unusable or for the skimmers to suck too much air. If it’s been a particularly rainy week your water level may be ideal! If not, you can always run a hose and let the water fill long enough that it’s at the level of the skimmers and tile line. 

Shock the Pool 

Especially during heat waves, it’s imperative to test the pH and keep track of the chlorine levels. When summer weather gets into the 90s and above consistently it’s going to be harder to maintain proper chlorine levels because of how much will be burned off during the day. To avoid algae, fungus, and bacteria from low levels of chlorine it’s best to shock the pool with liquid chlorine at nighttime. This gives the chemical a chance to work without burning off and by the morning you should see at least a positive difference, if not a complete improvement!

If you need help performing the above items, our pool water testing in Bucks County is available to help! 

Vacuum The Bottom & Skim The Surface

The surfaces of your pool, including stairs, structures, floors, and walls should be cleaned to prevent the buildup of algae. A pool vacuum will ensure that any debris is cleaned off the bottom of the pool. Regularly skimming the surface removes bugs, leaves, and anything else that has blown in from nearby. 

Hire A Pool Service

Need help tackling all of these tasks? Mt. Lake Pool & Patio offers a wide range of pool services to maintain your water all season long! Get in touch with us today!