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Keep Your Pool Area Safe

Swimming pools are a blessing to have on those hot, humid summer days. A swimming pool is a perfect place for socialization, entertainment, and relaxation. However, when it comes to being a pool owner you are responsible for keeping your pool area clean and safe for loved ones, guests, and animals. Learn how to maintain your pool area and why our pool maintenance in Montgomery County, PA is your best bet.

Chemical Storage

Pool ownership comes with regularly handling chemicals to keep the water chemistry balanced. Chemical storage during the summer is of the utmost importance, especially for safety. Here are some storage tips you should be practicing:

  • Always make sure your chemicals are sealed properly. 
  • Chemicals that are kept in extreme cold or heat can become unstable and emit toxic fumes. Store chemicals in a well-ventilated, cool, dry area.
  • Be mindful of storing chemicals together. Oxidizing chemicals and acids should not be mixed and are also very corrosive to metals. You should also keep liquid chemicals away from solid chemicals.  

Becoming a pool owner and learning about chemicals can be overwhelming. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Bucks pool service professionals if you’re ever unsure of anything or would like professional help handling your pool maintenance.

Equipment Storage 

Vacuuming, skimming, and scrubbing are all familiar terms to pool owners. Scattered tools can create a hazardous situation in your backyard for other people or pets. Create a section to store all of your cleaning and maintenance supplies to avoid trip hazards or your pool supplies becoming chew toys for your pet. 

Fence Your Area

Most townships have requirements when applying for the construction of an inground swimming pool. You might have to fence your property or the space around the pool to be able to complete your project. Regardless, we recommend fencing the area around your pool for multiple reasons. First, this ensures safety that if for any reason someone were to wander into your backyard at night, they would not fall into your pool. Second, this also prevents most animals from wandering into your pool accidentally. Third, a fence is really a great way to create privacy for your entertainment space. 

Pool Cover

Pool covers are highly recommended for proper winterization of your inground pool. Not only do pool covers protect your pool from debris, but you’re also protecting others from your pool. If you have children or pets, a pool cover could save lives if they’re outside during a winter storm where the shape of the pool is not visible. 

Call A Professional

Owning a pool is the most fun during the hottest months, but it’s important to be mindful of keeping a safe space by properly handling your equipment, chemicals and backyard. If you are unsure or new to pool ownership, always let our professionals help!