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Common Winter Pool Concerns

As winter continues, homeowners with pools often face a range of concerns specific to the colder months. While it’s tempting to simply cover up the pool and forget about it until spring, neglecting certain winter pool maintenance tasks can lead to costly repairs in the future. In this guide, we’ll address some of the most common winter pool concerns and how our pool maintenance in Newton, PA, can help to address them. 

Freezing Temperatures 

Temperatures will regularly drop below freezing during the winter in Pennsylvania, so you’ll want to prepare your pool properly. The most imperative part of a winterization is making sure all lines are free of water. Blowing the lines and using winter plugs will protect the pipes from becoming damaged. 

It’s also important to winterize the pool equipment. The vacuum should be removed from the pool as well as any other pool accessories that won’t be used. The rest of the equipment like filters, pumps and heaters can also be turned off and winterized for the season. 

Unbalanced Chemistry

You know that you need to keep your pool’s chemistry balanced during the summer months. However, it’s also important to monitor it throughout the winter, even if you don’t plan on using your pool until summer. There can be bouts of warm spells throughout the winter months causing algae to build up in the pool. Testing your pool water or scheduling service and applying necessary chemicals is the best way to prevent this from happening. 

Water Levels

At the initial winterizing the pool water should be below the tile and skimmer lines. Depending on the precipitation, your water level could become too high throughout the winter season. Sometimes excess water needs to be pumped out of the pool to prevent freeze damage. If you’re unsure of how to perform this maintenance, call your local pool professional and schedule an appointment.  


Debris is another concern for your pool in winter. For the pool to be winterized properly, the pool needs to be clean of debris. If you live in a heavily wooded area or have concerns of debris entering the pool a pool cover is a great way to avoid debris collecting during the winter. The more you can prevent debris from entering the pool, the less of a clean up you’ll have during the pool opening.

Pool Cover Problems

While pool covers are a great way to protect your pool, you need to be aware of potential concerns. Make sure to inspect your cover each season for snags or tears in the fabric. This should be repaired before the next winter season to preserve the longevity of your cover. Anchor points should also be inspected each season to ensure the pool cover is installed properly and safely. 

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