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Best Cleaning Methods for Outdoor Furniture

All types of furniture need to be properly maintained, yet maintenance is especially vital when it comes to outdoor furniture. This is because, in contrast to indoor furniture, outdoor furniture is constantly exposed to the wind, rain, fluctuating temperatures, falling leaves, dirt, and debris. That’s why it is more vulnerable to daily wear and tear than its indoor counterparts.

As such, you’ll need to regularly clean patio and deck furniture to prevent them from getting damaged and to keep them in optimal condition. Here are some of the best cleaning methods for outdoor furniture so you can get started.

Ideal Cleaning Methods for Outdoor Furniture

These are some of the recommended ways to clean outdoor furniture based on the type of material it is constructed from:

General Preparations: Before deep cleaning any type of furniture, it is important to remove leaves, loose gravel, or dust that may have accumulated while outdoor furniture was stored. You can use a dry cloth or brush to remove debris from its surfaces. 

Cast Aluminum Furniture: Fill a bucket of lukewarm water with soap and begin to hose down the furniture frame. You can then use a sponge to gently scrub and clean the surface. This should remove most of the dirt and debris. If your frame has become dull after a few years of being outside, you can use Rust-Oleum Recolor to give back some shine!

Wicker Furniture: Vacuuming with a dust-brush attachment is a good way to clear the debris and dirt that have gathered on wicker furniture. A dry paintbrush is also a great cleaning tool. Similar to metal furniture, you can use a gentle water and soap solution and scrub the surface.

Wood Furniture: Using a combination of 1 gallon of hot water and powdered oxygen bleach, you can remove stains and mold. Using chlorine bleach, however, is not advisable since it can harm wood fibers.

Plastic Furniture: You can spray plastic and resin furniture with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe it with a gentle, damp cloth or a soft sponge. Abrasives should be avoided because they can scratch the surfaces of plastic furniture.

Fabric Materials: Even if outdoor seat cushions have zippers, we do not recommend removing and putting them in the washing machine. This is an easy way to shrink the fabric. Instead, wet the entire cushion with water. For general cleaning prepare a 5-gallon bucket of lukewarm water with ¼ cup soap and ¼ cup bleach. If you’re nervous about the bleach, do less. Gently scrub the cushions with a soft brush or sponge and let them air dry. 

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