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How do you see your pool? Is it something that keeps your children cool and having fun on those long and hot summer days, or does it serve as means of relaxation for you and your family?

Inevitably, aside from a swimming pool serving as an escape from the hot and humid temperatures of the summer season, there are many other benefits of owning one. In fact, if you’re looking to have a pool installed, or are still on the fence about whether or not you should have it filled in or renovated, here are five benefits of owning a pool that might make your decision to install easier.

You will get exercise whether you planned on it or not!pool

Just because you are not doing the backstroke, butterfly, or breaststroke, that doesn’t mean you aren’t getting exercise while you swim. Jogging and walking in the pool are excellent low-impact forms of exercise. Plus, if you didn’t know, just being in the water is all of the resistance you need to work your muscles (although you should be moving around to feel any of the effects!) In all, your swimming pool can serve as that much-needed or alternate form of exercise!

Swimming parties.

There is no denying that owning a swimming pool will help you to entice friends or family members to come over to your home for that next big summer holiday or party. What’s more, having a pool can even give you an excuse to hold a party on a hot summer day for no reason at all! If you do host a “pool party,” you should also expect smiles, laughter, and games because, for most people, swimming is fun!

Not only can swimming be relaxing, but it can allow you to de-stress.

Even if you don’t feel like walking around in your pool, you can still grab an inflatable pool float, close your eyes, and enjoy the peacefulness of the water and your surrounding environment. For some people, floating in the water is so comfortable and relaxing that their stress or anxiety goes away.

While it is not scientifically proven (yet), there is no doubt that relaxing in or near a pool may have a positive mental impact.

Your home’s value can increase.

If you have an in-ground swimming pool installed in your backyard, or have an old swimming pool renovated, it’s likely that it will enhance the value of your home. According to the National Association of Realtors, an in-ground swimming pool can even improve your home’s value by up to eight percent! So, if you’re thinking of selling in the future, it might be wise to keep up with the look and condition of your pool!pool2

In the end, investing in a swimming pool can give you a reason to have “family time!”

In an age where TVs, cell phones, and other mobile devices are keeping family members “distracted” from one another, a swimming pool can be a place where they can truly spend time together. After all, not every electronic device is waterproof!

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of owning a pool, or would like to schedule a pool renovation, do not hesitate to reach out to us here at Mt. Lake Pool & Patio!