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Common Ways To Prevent Leaves From Collecting In Your Pool

As the weather transitions to fall, you’ll need to perform regular maintenance on your pool to prevent future issues. One of the biggest threats is drifting leaves.

As the leaves start falling, they can cause a major headache if you fall behind on pool maintenance. You will likely deal with clogged drains, plumbing blockage, and restricted water flow. The result is increased energy costs and more expensive utility bills. If you are unable to perform regular pool maintenance, pool cleaners in Bucks County can help you prevent seasonal damages. Here’s a look at some common maintenance tips to prevent leaves from causing havoc on your pool during the fall.

Pool Cover

One of the easiest ways to prevent leaves from becoming a major problem during the fall is to install a pool cover before the leaves start to drop. We recommend a mesh or solid pool cover depending on your preference and budget. You also might need a pool cover pump to remove water that can build up on top of the cover.

Regular Maintenance 

If you’re not ready to close the pool, maintenance involves skimming, vacuuming and emptying the skimmer baskets regularly. With the pool circulating, most debris on the water surface will make it’s way into the designated catch areas. We still recommend keeping up with manual skimming and vacuuming if you live in a heavily wooded area and experience a high volume of falling leaves. 

Blocks or Walls

If you have a backyard free of falling leaves but your neighbors don’t, you can install a solid fence around the perimeter to help block blowing debris from neighboring properties. Not only does this make your job easier, but it’s an added layer of privacy if you’re looking to have a more secluded back yard.

Perform Landscaping

Performing regular landscaping can also prevent floating leaves from building up in your pool. Whether the work is done by yourself or a professional company, you can mitigate the amount of debris going into your pool by regular lawn maintenance. If you’re looking to add some green to your backyard, consider plants, trees and shrubs that do not shed their leaves as much during the cold season. 

Mt. Lake Pool and Patio Will Service Your Pooling Needs

We know how much effort goes into maintaining your pool, especially as the seasons change. Our team can help you handle your pool maintenance year round! Contact us today.