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Maintaining Your Pool: 3 Important Reasons to Never Drain Your Inground Pool

If you have an inground pool, you might think it would be a great idea to empty it and clean it out. In fact, draining your pool can cause a lot of problems, and it can even pose a safety hazard for those around you, including people, local wildlife, and pets. Draining a pool is usually only done during very specific circumstances and it’s best to consult a professional pool service in Collegeville, PA for advice on your best course of action. Consider a few important reasons why you shouldn’t drain your inground pool.

Risk of Popping the Pool Out of the Ground or Damaging Structure

Hydrostatic pressure can severely damage your pool’s liner and structure. When groundwater underneath the pool creates pressure and the water inside is emptied, there is a perfect storm for your pool to pop out of the ground. Not only is this dangerous, but it’s an extreme cost to fix. If you have a fiberglass or vinyl pool, removing the pool water can also cause a pool liner to contract and a fiberglass pool to crack. The decision to empty a pool shouldn’t be taken lightly and it’s important to consult pool maintenance in Doylestown, PA before making a decision like this on your own.

Safety Hazards for Wildlife and Plants

Another problem you can have with draining your pool is that you’ll be releasing chemicals into the environment. There is a proper way to drain a pool and it’s important to contact your local pool professional and township for advice. It’s possible to use your sanitary sewer cleanout (where water is sent to be treated before going back into the system) as a way to properly dispose of pool water. There are also companies that can remove pool water properly if you do not have the means to do so.

Burning Out Perfectly Working Equipment

Before emptying the pool water some adjustments need to be made to the pool equipment including pumps, pipes, filters, and waste lines. If filters suck too much air they can run dry and need to be replaced. If the pump’s gallons per minute exceeds what the waste line can handle, the motor will burn out and need to be replaced. Generally, most water issues can be resolved through diligent water testing and chemical maintenance. In the event you need your pool emptied because work is being done or there’s another problem, always contact the pool professionals. You will save a lot of money and the potential for damage if this is done properly!

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