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What Your Pool Needs Based on the Color of the Water

To enjoy using your swimming pool, there are lots of things you must do to keep it maintained. You must keep it clean and safe. In many cases, your pool water may determine the kind of services it needs. Below are several things your pool will need based on its water.


Green pool water almost always means algae. During the summer months and extreme heat, algae tend to grow quicker. Pool owners need to stay on top of the pool’s chlorine levels during this time because algae growth can seemingly happen overnight! The first step to caring for your pool is to complete regular water tests. Once you determine the pH of your water, you can determine what chemicals the pool may need to be rebalanced. The typical treatment for algae in the pool is to shock the pool with liquid chlorine or sodium hypochlorite. For a more tailored treatment, please visit your pool professionals at Mt. Lake Pool & Patio.

Black – Green 

Unfortunately, it’s never good to have black-green pool water. If your pool ever reaches this point, it’s best to contact a pool professional immediately and avoid swimming in the pool until the water is cleaned and balanced. 


Typically, murky pool water occurs after chemical treatment. After you’ve diagnosed the problem with your pool water and treated it accordingly, you may need to wait a period of time for the pump and filter to run. Depending on the condition of your pool, it’s possible to get a clarifying solution to help clear your pool water if the cloudiness isn’t fading away. If you’re unsure of what to do, contact your local pool professional!

Final thoughts

Maintaining regular service on your pool, whether provided by yourself or a pool professional, is essential to maintaining balanced pool water chemistry. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, our experts are experienced and ready with the right tools to clean your pool. For your summer season, it is nice to know that your swimming pool is in excellent condition. To make it safe, be sure to contact our experienced pool services in Bucks County, PA today!