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Signs That Indicate Your Pool Needs to Be Renovated

Owning a pool is a big responsibility.  There is a great deal of maintenance that goes into pool ownership, and twice as much if not if you aren’t careful about it.  There are a few telltale signs that your pool needs renovations done.

Safety Hazards

Anything damaged or broken can pose a safety hazard to pool users.  If the pool has tiles and they are coming loose or are cracking, they can cause people to trip and fall.  If you recently bought a property with an older pool on it, it’s likely that it fails to meet more modern safety standards. Any lighting or wiring near the pool that has been compromised can cause electric shock. If you need pool maintenance in Montgomery County, Pa, call a professional for help. 

Property Value

Keeping a pristine-looking pool can be tough, as it’s constantly exposed to things that will gradually reduce its aesthetic appeal.  For example, vinyl liners in pools can fade over time due to sunlight exposure and chemicals in the water.  These cosmetic issues might not be as urgent something such as a tear in the lining, but if you’re concerned about your property value then you’ll want to keep your pool as attractive as possible. To do so, it is important to hire a professional who offers pool services in Bucks County, Pa.

Personal Preference

Having your pool renovated doesn’t have to be because of safety reasons or practical reasons like property value.  Sometimes you want something new and different, and updating your pool’s look is a great way to do so. This is especially true if you’ve recently had work done to the yard or patio and you want the pool’s design to match your new decor.

Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Going green means more than recycling or choosing paper over plastic at the grocery store.  The appliances and devices in your home impact your carbon footprint too.  Using a cover on your pool keeps the water cleaner, and it will keep your pool from losing water through evaporation during times of extreme heat.  Speaking of keeping the pool clean, the pump you’re using could be the culprit.  Some pumps are more energy-efficient than others, and different speed settings can be used depending on a pool’s specific needs.

The Pool Experts

Mt. Lake Pool and Patio is available to handle all of your pool’s repairs and renovations.  For over fifty years we’ve served the communities of Bucks County, PA, and Montgomery County, PA.  If your pool is in need of maintenance, contact our team of professionals today and we’ll help you create the pool of your dreams.