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A pool is one of the most important summer pieces for your Bucks County property. Pools make the summer more fun and are an incredible outdoor experience for your family and friends. Well-used pools need a little TLC. Eventually, your pool may require some repair and renovation to bring it back to its original glory.

As one of the top pool service companies in Newtown, PA and other surrounding areas, we want to make sure you consider some crucial tips before you renovate your pool.

Fixing Damage

First and foremost, you want to make sure any issues are resolved when you renovate your pool. Commonly, chipped tile, cracked coping and a dated appearance can prompt people to seek out a renovation. Make sure that any leaks or other mechanical issues are replaced if necessary and treated accordingly during your pool renovation.

Safety Features

If you are planning to upgrade your pool, make sure it can accommodate everyone that will use it. Safety features will help prevent hazards and make your pool enjoyable for everyone. Consider features that make it easier to enter and exit your pool, like ladders and railings. Install a pool fence and lock to safeguard younger children from entering the pool. During the renovation, make sure that all pool safety equipment meets the recent safety standards.


Pool renovations are an excellent chance to update not only the functionality of your pool, but also the aesthetics. Use your pool renovation as a chance to makeover the appearance of your pool so it is up to date and a striking visual element for your yard. You don’t just have to repair and replace the parts you have, you can use the renovation to alter the pool’s tile and water color to better fit your design goals. Transform your old, run-down pool into a contemporary, modern one.

Protect Your Pool After Renovation

Once you renovate your pool, you want it to last as long as possible. Protect your pool and help your renovation look brand new for years to come. Hire a reputable pool maintenance company to help you keep your pool in top shape during the season and winterize it properly for the offseason. Maintain the area around your pool and cover when not in use.

Invest in Pool Renovation

A  pool renovation can bring your pool back to life, so you can enjoy the beautiful Bucks County and Montgomery County summers in Pennsylvania. The Bucks County pool service experts at Mt.Lake Pool and Patio will offer the best pool renovation services in Buckingham, PA, and beyond. We also have all of the pool supplies and weekly pool services you need to keep your pool in pristine condition. To learn more about our pool services and supplies or to schedule your pool renovation, contact us HERE.