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Maintaining pools during the winter

Once the cool fall weather hits, it’s time to close your pool until next year. However, it’s still important to maintain your pool through the fall and winter to keep it in good shape. Here are several tips that you can use for keeping your pool maintained during the cold months of winter.


Make sure that you keep an eye on your pool even though it might be covered up. This is because you are going to need to remove any of the debris that is on the cover. You should also check underneath the cover to make sure that you are not going to have any unwanted surprises under there. Plus, you must think about the stress that the snow can put on the cover. Schedule pool maintenance in Montgomery County PA if you need someone to lower the water again prior to freezing weather.


Be aware of the cold weather, especially when the temperatures are freezing. This is because the freezing temperatures can expand the water inside of the pool. Be sure the water level stays below the tile or below any intake or return outlets. This will alleviate any expensive repairs from equipment and plumbing that can become frozen.


Lastly, make sure you clear out any of the unwanted debris. If the debris builds up around your pool, it may end up on your cover or in the pool. Your life is going to be a lot easier in the spring when you are getting the pool ready to open back up during the hot summer months.