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fire pitAre you a new fire pit owner or just looking to learn more about your backyard’s main attraction? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll discuss five helpful tips about fire pits that you may not know.

1. The Ease of Gas Fire Pits

If you’re looking to bring some heat to your backyard, but don’t want the mess and fuss of wood burning fire pits, then gas fire pits are for you!  Not only are gas fire pits much safer than wood burning, but they can also be turned off and on with the switch of a button. You no longer have to wait for the flame to die down at the end of the evening.  What’s more, gas fire pits are a better alternative if you have children around. Wood burning fire pits not only create very large flames, but embers and smoke often fly in the direction of where you’re sitting! Gas fire pits offer ambiance and heat without the risk of debris flying into people or on your furniture.

2. Get Creative with Fire Pit Filler

Have you ever seen fire pits with faux logs or beautiful chipped glass? One of the fun benefits of having a gas fire pit is you can change out the filler that goes where the flame comes out!  After years of use, stones and rocks can become charred or discolored. Have fun switching up colors and adding a unique accent to your patio with the stones in your gas fire pit.

3. Controlling the Size of Your Fire

Whether you’re looking to build a small or large flame in your fire pit, you can control the size of the fire using the flame adjustment knob.  If you’re enjoying the fire pit outside during the crisp months of fall or winter, you can crank the gas fire pit flame to the highest setting! The flame will provide a surprising amount of heat for a gas fire pit keeping you and your family and friends toasty.

If you’re just looking to have small comfortable fire for you and your guests to sit around, then keep the burner at the lower flame setting for a modest flame that still provides some warmth.

4. Light the Fire without the Igniter

Many folks with gas burning fire pits might experience igniter malfunctions after a handful of years of regular use. Does this mean you can no longer use the fire pit? No! Gas fire pits can still be lit without the use of the igniter. Just connect the propane tank as you normally would and open the hose to allow the gas to flow to the top of the fire pit. Then, hold a match or lighter above to light a flame!

5. Other Fire Pit Safety Tips

Here are a few other tips to make sure you’re using your fire pit properly and safely.

  • Keep a hose or bucket of water nearby as a safety precaution.
  • Be aware of anything above the flame of the fire pit like umbrellas, low hanging trees or porch ceilings.
  • Avoid using lighter fluid and other dangerous fire enhancers that can cause the flames to grow out of control.