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There’s no doubt that a new pool table will take your basement or “man cave” to the next level.

(For the record, we at Mt. Lake Pool & Patio, experts in pool renovations in New Hope, PA, are all for equal-opportunity gaming. Our pool tables are great for both genders. If you prefer “she shed,” have at it!)

Pool tables immediately add a touch of sophistication, even prestige, to a home entertainment center. A game of pool is a social event, as much about uniting people as sinking draw shots. But did you ever think about just how versatile a pool table can be?

If you’re on the fence about whether to purchase a pool table, consider these alternate uses.

Let’s Eat!: All it takes is a conversion top and a tablecloth to turn the pool table into a dining area for guests. If you’ve ever hosted a party or holiday dinner, you know how that extra space can come in handy. If you don’t need additional seating, set all the food and utensils out on the table and use it as a buffet.

Poker Place: With that same conversion top – or it’s actually possible to buy a special table top for poker – you can create a fun new tradition among your friends: the weekly poker game!

Ping (Pong) Me: Why buy a ping pong table when the pool table can easily convert? Hold ping pong tournaments or beer pong tournaments, and become everyone’s favorite destination for parties.

pool renovations buckinghamIf you’re still not convinced that a pool table is an essential piece of furniture, consider that Mt. Lake Pool & Patio is running its End of Season sale, offering deep discounts on billiards and game room furnishings, including foosball tables, shuffleboard tables, and all the accessories you need to have fun indoors this winter. The sale is on floor models, not special or custom orders, but the selection at Mt. Pool & Patio is more than sufficient to meet your home gaming needs.

Mt. Pool & Patio isn’t only just about pool renovations in and around Buckingham, PA. We’re extremely versatile – kind of like our pool tables! Contact us to start shopping for a shiny new pool table, or visit our store in Doylestown.