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If you’re an extremely proud parent of a recent high school or college graduate, then it’s likely you know that half of the graduation process is the party that comes shortly after the ceremony. Everyone desires to have the best and biggest celebration, but it can be hard to stand apart from all of the others that many of your family members and friends may be attending around the same time as

If you want to have a pool party that will prove to be not only fun, but a truly memorable experience for your graduate and all of your guests, here are 4 tips you can consider:

Having the perfect pool party all starts with making sure your pool is ready for swimming!

If you haven’t addressed the state of your pool since you opened it up a month or two ago, it’s time to take a closer look at the water and how clean it truly is. A week or so before the party, you should have your water tested to ensure your pool water is properly balanced. You should also perform a thorough maintenance check and cleaning, or schedule to have a company send out one of their service crews to take care of everything for you. After all, if it’s a pool party, it’s likely that it will be the main attraction (aside from the graduate of course!)

Gather up some new pool floats and toys.

If you want to keep people swimming, and your graduate’s party lively, you should consider purchasing some new floats and toys. You can’t go wrong with a floating basketball hoop, inflatable ring toss, volleyball net, dive rings or sticks, and even a beer pong float for the adults of the party to enjoy! Do you have family or friends with little ones coming to your party? You might want to consider some swimmies or baby floats with a canopy to protect them from the sun.

Deck your backyard out with some comfy, chic furniture and tables.

While you might be inclined to rent some wooden tables and metal chairs from a local party rental service, you could consider the long term benefits of new, high-quality, and of course, comfortable outdoor dining or deep seating sets. Not only will this ensure that you have enough seating for guests and enough surfaces for some delicious party snacks, but you will also benefit from having furniture to last you many years of summer entertaining and relaxation.backyard

Plan on having a set, yet diverse amount of food and beverage options.

For some people, the drinks and food are the main attractions of a party. However, it can be difficult to please every guest’s appetite. If you are having a lot of guests, consider laying out a diverse menu with both hot and cold foods, as well as veggies and meats. And, when its finally party time, you can lay all of your menu options out buffet style. Lastly, make sure to not only have soda and some brews and/or cocktail options for the adults, but purchase juice and plenty of water!

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