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Popular Patio Umbrella Styles

At Mt. Lake Pool & Patio, we sell many attractive patio umbrellas that will transform your home’s style. We’re proud to provide the best range of deck furniture in Montgomery County, PA and we work hard to ensure you find the option that works the best for you. What kind of umbrellas do we provide? Well, let’s break it down to make your choice easier!

Table-Based Umbrellas

Do you want an umbrella that sits inside your patio table and provides maximum shade? We have them! These beautiful umbrellas can be paired with concrete or cast iron bases, depending on your preference. Cast iron often looks best in more modern homes and fits into many styles, whereas concrete is suitable for a budget-friendly solution. Either option will keep your umbrella secure.

Free-Standing Umbrella

Are you interested in an umbrella you can move across your patio without worrying about a table? Free-standing umbrellas are an excellent option for you. They can pair with a heavy base with an extra neck of support that holds down the umbrella and keeps it in place. 

We suggest this option if you don’t have a patio table or want a more mobile umbrella option, such as if you have a large patio and plan on moving it around regularly.


Did you know that cantilever umbrellas can spin almost a full 360 degrees and provide the ultimate shade? That makes this style of umbrella an excellent choice for many people. Cantilevers can cover multiple seating and dining areas and can be tilted and shifted to block the sun at every angle! These umbrellas come in multiple colors and styles, so make sure you work with our sales representatives to find a design that fits your needs.

Ready to Improve Your Yard?

All of our umbrellas are UV protective and designed to be in the sun all season long. These many beautiful patio umbrellas provide gorgeous styles that work well for many homeowners. If you’re interested in the highest-quality outdoor patio furniture in Lambertville, NJ contact us at Mt. Lake Pool & Patio today.