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Summer Kick-Off: Plan The Best Patio Bash

Before you can host a great summer party, you’ll need to spruce up your outdoor space. You’ll have to clean your pool, pick out stylish outdoor furniture, and take other steps to get your patio party-ready. Our professional team can help by providing you with pool maintenance and beautiful outdoor furniture in Bucks County, PA. Consider a few useful tips for hosting a summer get-together and maintaining your outdoor space.

Extra Seating

If you have a small family but when you throw a party you have upwards of 12+ people present, consider extra seating. Small, stackable outdoor seating is available to order for you to have on hand when you need additional seating. Stackable pieces are perfect for when you need to store the extra seating most of the time as they can easily fit in a shed, garage, or basement. There are also dining sets that come with some chairs and a bench which is perfect to squeeze more people on one side. 

Protect and Clean Furniture

All materials of furniture need to be cleaned at least once per year. Aluminum, wrought iron, polymer, and faux wicker frames can be cleaned with soap and water. Wood furniture can be especially vulnerable to natural elements and requires more maintenance. Outdoor cushions can also be completely wetted and cleaned using soap and water, or a more specific solution if you’re trying to get rid of stains. During this process, you can assess if any protective feet that buffer between your furniture and the surface it sits on need to be replaced. As always, pick a warm, sunny day so your furniture has time to dry!

Consider Outdoor Dinnerware

How many times have you cleaned broken glass, outside during a party? Not only is this an annoyance, but it’s highly dangerous for bare feet, children, and pets! Avoid the trouble altogether and invest in melamine dinnerware. There is also shatterproof drinkware that can be used outside, so when spills happen there’s no dangerous mess. This is especially helpful if you have a pool to avoid cleaning up glass inside of the pool which is an even harder task. 

Prepare for Bugs

Bugs are a part of enjoying the outdoors, especially when the sun begins to set. Prepare ahead of time with tiki torches with citronella oil or citronella candles infused with scents like eucalyptus and lavender. Not only will a small flame deter bugs, but the scents are natural and effective at keeping pests away so your guests remain bitten-free. Take it a step further and protect your appetizers and other food with dome-shaped screens so your snacks can stay outside where the party is, but the bugs have no access. 

Clean Your Pool Regularly

Properly maintaining your pool will keep it cleaner and safer for family and friends. For one thing, testing the water chemistry and having the right chemicals on hand makes it easier to treat problems quickly. Moreover, it’s important to prevent algae buildup by turning on the pool filter for at least a few hours daily. If any of these tasks seem overwhelming or too time-consuming, that’s what professional pool companies are for! Hire weekly or biweekly service to keep your pool in top condition!

Contact a Professional

Ready to get started? Our team at Mt. Lake Pool & Patio can provide you with pool maintenance in Doylestown, PA, and the patio furniture you need to enjoy your summer bash! Contact us today!