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When To Book Your Pool Opening

It’s common that by the time most people think to book their pool opening, slots are filled up well into June. Avoid the hassle of waiting longer than desired by scheduling your pool opening ahead of time! Here are some things to keep in mind when booking your opening:


If you don’t already have a trusted pool professional, shop around for quotes! Many companies offer services a la carte so customers can pick and choose what’s worth paying for and what’s worth DIY-ing. The opening itself is likely a flat fee no matter how long the service takes to perform. An opening usually involves starting up the pool’s system, hooking up all equipment, and removing the winter plugs. Removing a pool cover is usually an extra cost. Chemicals are usually an extra cost.


Are you planning a Memorial Day Weekend party? Graduation party? Birthday party? It’s very important to get your opening scheduled early enough that you have time to address issues if they arise. Depending on how the pool was winterized and maintained throughout the winter season, you might be in for some freeze damage or green algae. These things can be fixed but take time. Plan ahead and call ahead! 


Is your home going up for sale any time soon? You’ll want to get that pool opening scheduled sooner than later for the inspection process. The pool cannot be inspected properly until it’s completely opened for the season. It would be a good idea to call and schedule now so you can secure your date and have the pool ready to go. Home sales happen extremely quickly in this market and you don’t want to hold up the process by not scheduling an opening. You might end up being at the mercy of which company can open your pool the fastest and that’s difficult to find during the prime opening season (April – June).    

Contact A Professional

Is your pool ready to be opened? Or do you want to get yourself on the schedule before the prime days get booked? Let the experts help you! We are an established and highly respected pool company in Buckingham, PA. Contact us today!