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How To Safely Remove Snow and Excess Water From Your Pool Cover

If you live in a place that sees heavy snow or rain during the winter, it’s important to know how to take care of your pool and pool cover. Proper winterization, pool cover installation, and removal of accumulating water are the keys to keeping your pool safe during the off-season!

Most Common Covers

Solid covers are required to make contact with the water inside the pool. The water creates a surface to push back on that prevents the weight of water on top from causing damage or pushing the cover too far into the pool. If the solid cover doesn’t make contact with the water inside of the pool there’s a potential for damage to occur to the anchors or the cover itself over time.

Mesh covers are not required to make contact with the pool water because they are designed for water to seep through the cover. Pool owners still need to be diligent about keeping the pool water below the tile line after consecutive rainfall or large amounts of melting snow. If the pool water isn’t kept below the tile line, tiles can become damaged or pop off. 

Purchase A Pool Cover Pump 

The best device for removing excess water from the pool cover or pool itself is a pool cover pump. This device is affordable and handy, especially for the number of times this gets used during the winter months. 

For solid pool covers, the pool cover pump can be used to remove excess water that forms on top of the cover. If there is snow covering the pool cover, it is safe to wait until the snow is melted before pumping away excess water. 

For mesh pool covers, a pool cover pump is only needed when the water level of the entire pool has reached the tile line. The pump can be placed on the first step of the pool to remove excess water. If there is heavy snowfall, the pump can be used after the snow has melted to remove excess water so the water line remains below the tile line. 

Maintaining the accumulation of water in your pool or above your solid cover allows your cover to remain strong and durable over time. If you follow these tips for winter pool maintenance in Chalfont, your pool will be easier to open when the weather warms up again. 

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