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The Importance of Winterizing Your Pool


The dawn of colder weather means it’s time to prepare your pool for the winter season. Winterizing your pool protects it from freezing temperatures and potential damage to expensive equipment. Proper winter care will ensure your pool is in good shape for the next season. 

Is it better to cover the pool during the winter?

The answer is dependent on where you live and whether you’re surrounded by trees. If you live in a very wooded area, many people opt to winterize and cover their pool before the leaves begin to fall. Pool covers are an important safety measure if you have pets and children, as well. This will prevent a person or animal from falling into the opening during the winter season when snow falls and the ice freezes. If you have no pets or children, the pool area is fenced in and you have no concern for falling debris, a pool cover is optional. Proper installation of a pool cover can ensure smooth sailing for the removal during pool maintenance in Huntingdon Valley when you reopen in the Spring. 

Can the pool be left open and treated with a special product?

Again, depending on where you live. Areas of the country that stay warm or mild most of the year can get away with leaving in-ground pools open through winter. On the northeast coast, we highly recommend proper winterization before freezing temperatures hit. Unless you have an indoor in-ground pool that is diligently maintained, allowing water to flow through the pumps and filtration systems during freezing temperatures is a recipe for disaster. Keeping your pool open in the winter will also increase your energy costs and decrease the functionality of some of your pool equipment in the long run. 

If you decide to cover the pool during the winter, how should you do it?

If you decide to cover the pool during the winter, the best option is a Loop Loc Safety Cover. These covers are measured and made specifically for your unique pool and are strong enough to withstand the weight of an elephant! (Yes, it was actually tested!). Before closing your pool, it’s important to make sure the water chemistry is balanced and remove all equipment like ladders and floating skimmers. Once the water is below the tile-line, the winterization of all pool equipment and piping can begin and the pool cover can be installed.

We can help you winterize your pool.

Properly closing and winterizing your pool ensures it’s fully functional and beautiful when warm weather returns. Our professional pool service in Bucks County, PA can help you prevent cold weather damage to your equipment and liner tears due to ice expansion. Contact Mt. Lake Pool & Patio today!