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Tips on Preparing for Your Summer Pool Party

Pools are a great way to relax and unwind this summer. Even if you have a pool already set up, there are some extra things that you can do to make sure you and your pool are ready for a summer bash! 

Pre-Set Up and Post-Set Up

For those that already have their pool in place, you should run a few checks to ensure that it’s ready for swimming. For starters, if you need a bit of pool maintenance in Chalfont, it is always best to get this out of the way as soon as possible. It’s important to have the filters cleaned and changed and the chemicals balanced and tested to make sure your pool looks great and is safe for swimmers. 

A professional company like Mt. Lake Pool can help to balance your chemicals, change and maintain filters, and even help to make repairs as needed before you have your summer pool parties.

Food and Beverage

It’s not a proper summer party without some good food! Many people have outdoor eating spaces equipped with a grill or smoker. Enjoying delicious food and drink is what brings people together, but be mindful about these items near the pool. Avoid having food or glass near the pool. Opt for reusable or insulated cups for guests to enjoy beverages in or near the pool and keep the food in the designated eating area. 


The safety of your guests is, perhaps, the most important consideration of any pool party. You want to ensure that the pool is safe and that there is a clear way to enter and exit the water. Ensure that your guests can swim or that they have the proper floatation devices and always have a responsible adult keep watch over kids in the pool. Robotic cleaners don’t need to be running during this time so it’s best to remove that equipment entirely to avoid risk of getting tangled in the cord. Also be sure to notify guests of how deep your pool is and WHERE the deep end is located (i.e. in the middle, or on one end of the pool). 

If you’re looking to get your pool ready for summer pool parties, call Mt. Lake Pool today. We can help with routine maintenance, repairs, and even adding safety features to make your pool the best it can be!