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Five Things To Know About Owning A Pool. Read Everything You Need To Know Here

Owning a pool sounds like a great idea, especially when you consider the heatwaves. As fun as having a pool may be, it is an investment that needs to be properly maintained.  It is estimated that the annual cost of maintaining a pool can amount to thousands of dollars a year. Before you dive into purchasing a new pool, consider five important factors. 

1. Installation/Renovation Cost

Installation of an inground pool in 2022 will certainly cost upwards of 50k or likely more. The cost of supplies, as well as the demand, will turn this project into a costly endeavor. It’s recommended to find a home that already has an inground pool. Renovation work is less expensive than digging for a new pool and you will still be able to customize the aesthetic to your needs.

2. Liability Insurance 

As a homeowner, you need to know what your options are for ensuring a new pool. If someone is injured in your pool, you could be liable. Your insurance company can interpret your current policy and advise you on how to proceed with insuring a new pool.

If your pool is damaged, you want to make sure you have adequate protection for repairs or a replacement. In some instances, you may be able to add an umbrella liability rider to your existing homeowner’s insurance policy, if you meet the insurance company’s determination.

3. Yearly Maintenance

Pools need to be cared for year-round. The pH levels should be consistent, debris should be removed, along with toys, and floats. If the pool is damaged, you have to add in repairs and the cost of utilities. A swimming pool uses electricity, filters, pumps, heaters, and lighting features. Over time, these items tend to wear out, or become damaged and will need to be replaced. Providing high-quality pool maintenance in Huntingdon Valley is the ultimate goal.

4. Time Commitment

Although there are pool professionals you can hire to maintain the operation and cleanliness of your pool, you still have to do a few basic things on a weekly basis. These things include testing the pool water, skimming the surface for dirt and debris, running the vacuum, and keeping the circulation going for at least 10 hours per day. On extremely hot days, you may need to add chemicals to maintain the water chemistry until your next service appointment.

5. Pool Security

The pool area should be enclosed with a secure fence with a lock and key to keep people and animals away from your pool. Many townships require this as a part of obtaining a permit to build or own a pool. Keeping little ones and pets away from water is a safety concern that is not taken lightly. There should always be an adult present if a pet or child is outside in the pool area. We highly recommend swim lessons for everyone, including babies, if you have a pool. We also recommend members of a family become certified in CPR in the event of an emergency. You have to protect yourself, your property, and others from accidents.

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