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How to Estimate When You Should Schedule Your Pool Closing

Hiring a pool closing company will make your life a lot easier as you close your pool at the end of the season. However, timing is everything when it comes to pool closings in Montgomery County, PA, and knowing when to schedule the right time. You need to consider the following when scheduling your pool closings.


Many people try to call and schedule their pool closing as soon as the summer ends. However, this may not be the right time because many of the popular closing dates are already booked. If you make a point to call mid-summer or at the beginning of August, you can likely secure a date that works best for you. For a more budget friendly approach, you can schedule your pool to be closed by Labor Day. Many commercial pools recognize this date as the end of pool season, thus making it a popular time for closings. If you’ve had enough pool season, we recommend calling early to secure your end-of-August or beginning-of-September date! 

When the Temperature Is Right

One of the reasons that you do not want to close your pool too early is because you want to make sure that you’re getting the most of the mild temperatures. For those looking to extend their pool season, pool owners can still enjoy swimming into October! Some of our latest pool closings happen in November! It is a good idea to look at the extended forecast and whether or not you’d like to enjoy some final swim days during Indian Summer before you schedule a pool closing 

Consider Where You Live

The place you live is one of the factors that will determine when you should close your pool. Even though you don’t want to close your pool right when the summer ends, many customers try to close their pool before the leaves start to fall. The leaves can end up in your water and make it a lot harder to keep your pool clean. If you don’t have many trees around, you may want to consider leaving the pool open a little longer. Having the ability to do early morning or night swims at the end of your day can be a way to stay relaxed through the transition of summer to fall. Many people are still hosting get-togethers and enjoy having a heated pool or spa. Whatever your situation, we can help you decide the best time to close your pool! 

Do You Have a Pool Heater?

If you have a pool heater, then you can keep your pool open much longer. You may be able to swim until October or November if you have a pool heater. If you decide to keep your pool open that long, then it is a good idea for you to close it before temperatures start to freeze. It’s important that your pool is closed and equipment is shut down properly before the winter season. 

For more pool tips or to schedule your closing today, contact Mt. Lake Pool & Patio!