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Pros and Cons to Building an Inground Pool

With the heat of the summer and more time spent at home, you may be considering an inground pool. Inground pools provide an oasis of cool water enjoyed by everyone. However, if you’re considering an inground pool as a place to cool off this summer, it’s important to first consider the pros and cons.


Longer-Lasting: Inground pools are built to last for longer periods than above-ground pools. Typically built with concrete with plaster or aggregate base and surrounding deck, inground pools can withstand seasonal weather. When built properly and well maintained, a pool can last 20 or 25 years before it needs any work. 

Aesthetically Pleasing: Inground pools are pleasant to look at and can be designed with a fashionable deck, patio, or beautiful landscaping. Depending on the design of the pool and its surroundings, an inground pool can make you feel as if you’ve escaped to a tropical paradise. Different shapes can make the pool trendy and modern.

Larger Size: Inground pools are capable of expanding larger distances and greater depths than an above-ground pool. If you like to swim laps or dive deep into the water, then an above-ground pool is for you. A large pool can also accommodate large groups of people. If you’re having a party and want to congregate on the steps in the shallow end, it’s much more comfortable and roomy! 

Compliments a Patio: Inground pools built next to or near a patio create an excellent backyard oasis. Landscaping and the design of the pool and patio can be built to complement one another, adding to the aesthetically pleasing features of an inground pool. Popular furniture designs surrounding the pool include chaise lounges with end tables and umbrellas and even outdoor bars with barstools.


Safety Concerns: Inground pools do pose a safety concern. Because they are equal to ground level, small children and animals can easily enter a pool without adult assistance. Fencing surrounding the pool is almost always required to prevent animals from falling in. However, children must learn how to swim and are accompanied by an adult. You can even look into quality fencing with child-proof locking systems to help increase the safety of your pool area.

Cleaning Needs: Inground pools are high maintenance. Leaves, branches, debris, and even small animals can easily enter the pool area throughout the summer. Weekly cleanings, water testing, and chemical maintenance are required. The equipment also needs to be tested and running properly. Sometimes the filters need to be backwashed to keep them from clogging. Equipment health can also be determined by how a pool is winterized or opened each year. It’s important to do your research if you plan to maintain the pool yourself or you can hire a pool professional.

Different Equipment: Because of the design, inground pools require special equipment to keep them running. Heaters, pumps, filters, chemical feeders, and more are all required to keep a pool healthy and clean.

The Bottom Line

If you’re interested in getting a pool to help beat the summer heat, inground pools are an excellent option. If you’re interested in learning more or have an existing pool that needs renovation, visit Mt. Lake Pool & Patio, a pool company in Montgomery County, PA, to learn more.