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What You Can Find at Our Pool Store

Pool Products You Need to Open Your Pool This Summer

At Mt. Lake Pool and Patio, we have tons of different pool products and services to make sure your pool opening goes off without a hitch. Nothing is more disappointing than opening your pool only to discover that you’re not going to be ready to swim for a few more weeks. Our products can help ensure you’re able to swim shortly after opening your pool up for the first time in the summer. Here’s what you can find at our pool store.

Our Pool Products are Ready for Your Opening

After opening up your pool, you may find that your filter needs to be changed out or you need a new pump for the water heater. There’s no need to panic. We have everything you need. Some of your needed pool parts in Montgomery County, PA can be found at our store, including filters, pumps, heaters, and other parts.

Everyone should at least consider changing out their pool filter for the new season. The filter can help push out the old water and debris and quickly get your pool into swimming condition.

Need a Renovation? We Can Help With That

You may discover that your pool is looking a little worse for wear. Our team can help you with this problem, too. We’re able to perform pool renovations. No matter the state of your pool, we can figure out a way to restore it. Even if your pool just needs tile repairs or some new lights, you can count on us to have what you need.

We’ll Make Sure Your Pool is Safe to Swim in

Nothing is more important than pool water testing in Bucks County. If left unbalanced, debris can accumulate and algae can form along the walls. The last thing you want to do is plunge into the water only to discover that the water is foul. Our experts will test your water to determine its health.

We can also help you determine its pH. This is essential for ensuring the water is safe and healthy enough to swim in. If your water is less than ideal, then we can help you get it to that perfect state.

Rely on Us for Your Pool Opening

Our pool store has everything you need to open your pool and keep it open. Check us out today.