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The Benefits of Having a Fire Pit

Patio and pool owners are often very proud of the backyard they’ve designed, and rightfully so.  Having a well put together patio or owning a pool can both enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property as well as increase its value.  But sometimes there’s extra space that you’re not quite sure what to do with, in which case you should consider having a fire pit.


Unlike most outdoor features, fire pits are something you can use in any season.  It’s almost impossible to not get your money’s worth by installing one of these.  In the summer you can break out the marshmallows for some s’mores.  Come autumn and winter, enjoy some hot chocolate or warm cider under a comfy blanket with your friends and family.


Some of our most cherished childhood memories involve a campfire.  Why bother with pitching tents and avoiding bears when you can create the ambiance in your backyard?  Simply keeping the flame alive and watching it burn can be fascinating to watch.  Gather a group of people to laugh and share stories all night long, and you’ll have something truly magical. 


You don’t need to have a group of people to enjoy the ambiance.  A fire pit is perfect for creating a romantic, intimate setting that you can enjoy with your significant other.  You can cozy up by the fire and enjoy the starry skies together.  This makes for an excellent date night alternative during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Pest Control

While it’s certainly not the most effective method, fire pits are great at warding off mosquitos and other insects.  More specifically, they’re unable to tolerate the smoke that a fire pit produces.  If you’re considering installing a fire pit in Doylestown, PA, and if you want to keep the bugs at bay then you’ll need to purchase a wood-burning pit.

Easy Installation

When you shop with Mt. Lake Pool and Patio, tending to your outdoor furniture needs couldn’t be any easier.  As the premier source for outdoor furniture in Bucks County, PA, we guarantee our services can cover your every need.  For nearly sixty years we’ve been proudly serving our communities’ needs, from fire pits to pools to indoor entertainment rooms.  Call or email us today to schedule your appointment.  We look forward to helping you create your dream backyard.