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Are you searching for a pool company in Montgomery County, PA? A pool is an incredible addition to your Montgomery County home and is a must-have feature for the summer. Your pool will help keep your children occupied and cool during the summer. However, pools also pose a safety risk. Drowning is a serious concern if you have children. Luckily, there are some simple ways to make your pool a safe place so that you and your children can enjoy it.

Set Expectations

First and foremost, you must set clear expectations and boundaries with your children. Even at a very young age, children can understand rules and risks. Explain why you are setting the rules and the importance of adhering to them. Choose rules that are age-appropriate and suitable for your family. For example, for children under the age of 8, you may create a rule that they are not allowed in the pool at all without an adult present. For older children whose swimming ability you trust, you may instead say they are not allowed to bring friends into the pool without an adult.

Supervise Children In the Pool

Carefully supervise children while using the pool. Again, the supervision must be age-appropriate. The Mayo Clinic recommends supervising children under 4 at arm’s length, even if they can swim.

Teach Swimming

Teaching children how to swim is an important part of pool safety. Recovering swim lessons are offered to children as young as 6 months. If you’re going to own a pool and have very young children, it would be life-saving for them to know how to roll themselves onto their backs and float if they ever accidentally fell in the pool. Swimming lessons are also offered to children of all ages and teaching your young ones how to swim is not an alternative for supervision, but could help reduce the risk of drowning.

Restrict Pool Access

Even when you set clear boundaries, kids do not always listen. Fence in your pool and install alarms so that you can control pool access. This way, you can be sure to know when the children are in the pool and do not have to worry.

Prepare for Emergencies

Keep emergency equipment near the pool, like a reaching pool or ring. Make sure there is a phone nearby. Learn CPR so that you can respond quickly and effectively in the case of an emergency.

Keep Your Pool Clean and Safe

A run-down, dirty pool is a huge safety hazard. Dirty pools are murky and hard to see in, and any damage can pose further hazards to children. Part of keeping children safe around the pool is keeping your pool safe for children.

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